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TMCpurification tank

For Sale:

Bivalve purification unit (40 ft containerised)

Container and fittings include:
• Re-furbished 1 x 40ft High Cube 9’6” High Insulated Ex-Reefer with stainless steel interior walls and white painted exterior
• Non-slip GRP resin ply flooring
• 5kw cellar cooling unit
• Single phase electrical installation with 7 x 2 gang waterproof sockets, 4 low energy LED anti-corrosive strips lights and 32 amp supply for cooling unit.
• uPVC pipework to all tanks

Moveable equipment includes:
• 16 tray Todd Fish tray system with a capacity for 2000 oysters with UV, flow meter and energy efficient recirculation pump
• 5 (plus 1 spare – second hand) TMC purification tanks fitted with UV, flow meter and recirculation pump each with a capacity for 750 oysters, or 90kgs of mussels or clams.
• Seawater supply system comprising of Argonaut AV100 single phase pump, FSI X100 bag filter and TitanUV P4 steriliser (system to connect to external water source)
• 1.2m x 0.7m deep stainless steel sink with tap
• 75kg x 2g washable balance

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