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Advertise here if you are looking for employment at sea e.g. deckhand, skipper, engineer. Also if you are looking for work in fish processing, fish farming or any maritime based occupation. This is a totally free service - there is no charge for crew ads and no obligation to Findafishingboat. You are reminded that FAFB is not responsible for checking potential employers/emloyees or vessels. Don't forget there are many training opportunities in our marine directory under training.

Deckhand Available For Newyear

ID: 67093     Posted: 20/12/2014

Anyone looking for a Deckhand for a NewYear trip? I am hardworking, no D or D.…
Skipper At The Scallops

ID: 67090     Posted: 20/12/2014

Hardworking skipper for immediate start, have own crew, own info, works weather…
Deck Hand Looking For Work

ID: 67092     Posted: 20/12/2014

Hard worker
Skipper\crewman Looking For Boat To Work Have Own Gear

ID: 67078     Posted: 19/12/2014

hi there im looking for up to8- 11m either for scallopes a 5-6 aside would be…
Mca Boatmaster

ID: 67075     Posted: 19/12/2014

MCA Boatmaster T1 L2 available end of Jan' 2015. May require a passenger…
Deck Hand Looking For Work

ID: 67065     Posted: 19/12/2014

Hard worker
Experienced Fisherman

ID: 67073     Posted: 19/12/2014

looking for work anywhere, 25 years experience any job considered

ID: 67059     Posted: 18/12/2014

Irishman in my 40,s fished many many years ago would like to go out on a trip…
Skipper/ Master

ID: 67062     Posted: 18/12/2014

Skipper available for small coasters or Tugs around UK and Ireland also for…
Experecned Deck Hand ( Any Where Concidered)

ID: 67046     Posted: 18/12/2014

experienced deck hand with a years experience gill netting and potting able…
Fish Worker Looking For Processing Work With Start After February 2015

ID: 67051     Posted: 18/12/2014

33 year old fish worker, been cutting fish since I was 15 mainly doing Angel…
Skipper North Shields

ID: 67038     Posted: 17/12/2014

Looking for boat East are west coast to skipper very keen and hard working…
Deckhand/ab Ticket Holder Lookin For Job

ID: 67036     Posted: 17/12/2014

Experience deckhand from Ghana Able seaman ticket holder with all mandated STCW…
Deckhand In France/spain

ID: 67034     Posted: 17/12/2014

Hello,I'm 28 years old strong men and looking for a deckhand position in…
Diver Avalible

ID: 67032     Posted: 17/12/2014

Fully qualified hse part four diver avalible for all types of work throughout…
Skipper With Crew

ID: 67031     Posted: 17/12/2014

Looking for scalloper, any size, anywhere
Looking For Work

ID: 67030     Posted: 17/12/2014

I am looking for work on a Wind farm or a work boat short or long term. I can…
Experienced Deckhand/seaman Looking For

ID: 67026     Posted: 17/12/2014

Marine mechanic with years of experience in shipbuilding and in river and…
Engineer Looking For Berth

ID: 67024     Posted: 17/12/2014

Engineer looking for berth, able to start 1 wk of january, based in donegal…

ID: 67016     Posted: 16/12/2014

I'm looking for new contract as Master or Mate. I have experience in Offshore…
Experienced Skipper

ID: 67012     Posted: 16/12/2014

Experienced skipper looking for a job or a boat to work.Used to all methods of…
Deckhand Looking For Work

ID: 67004     Posted: 15/12/2014

hi I am 18 years old hard working willing to learn new skills . I have got…
Skipper Available

ID: 66997     Posted: 15/12/2014

Young, keen, hardworking, nomadic scalloper requires a vessel to run on a full…
Deckhand Looking Work On Boat

ID: 66994     Posted: 15/12/2014

I have all certificates of seaman.I.need job on vessels.
DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it. Also, consider using a safe payment system such as an escrow service, or PayPal's Pay After Delivery (PAD).
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