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Deckhand Available

ID: 78388     Posted: 03/05/2016     G13 2tn

20 No experience of commercial fishing. Little experience of boats. Very…
Reliable crewman

ID: 78382     Posted: 02/05/2016     Accra

Reliable Experienced fisherman in twinrig trawler, very good in mending nets…
looking for a fishing boat, job as deck hand.

ID: 78376     Posted: 02/05/2016     Newcastle But Will Travel Anywhere In UK

i currently have no experiance... booking all my relevant courses health and…
Hi im looking for work painting or repairing boats

ID: 78363     Posted: 01/05/2016     Belfast

I am an experienced AB have worked on supply and standby boats before that I…

ID: 78362     Posted: 01/05/2016     Aberdeen

experienced AB worked on errv,psv,dsv,semi subs,
Skipper an crew

ID: 78357     Posted: 01/05/2016     Ireland

Skipper and crew looking a razor or under 12 mtr prawn boat to fish or would…

ID: 78348     Posted: 01/05/2016     Karachi Pakistan

I have experience for captain 22 years trawling coastal and deep sea fishing…
Skipper/ Master

ID: 78336     Posted: 30/04/2016     East Coast

Skipper available for ferries,cargo,Guard Vessels or Chase Vessels in UK or…
Deckhand NE Scotland

ID: 78328     Posted: 30/04/2016     Fraserburgh

Looking for a berth in NE Scotland. Have experience at creeling and prawn…

ID: 78327     Posted: 29/04/2016     Clallam. Bay Wa

The experience that I would have would be 6years of commercial fishing. In my…
experienced skipper

ID: 78297     Posted: 28/04/2016     Douglas, Isle Of Man

whelks.potting,gill netting,long lining,beaming and trawling.28 years…
AB looking for work also have been a fisherman

ID: 78294     Posted: 28/04/2016     Northern Ireland

I have worked as an AB for many years on supply boats and standby boats . I…
Im an AB and im looking for work

ID: 78293     Posted: 28/04/2016     Northern Ireland

I have been an AB for around 7 years I have worked on supply boats and standby…
deckhand available clams / trawling twin single

ID: 78292     Posted: 28/04/2016     Newcastle

Worked on twin riggers single look for work I will travel and willing to…
Trainee mate/ skipper

ID: 78284     Posted: 27/04/2016     Oban

Pot Fishing on and off 5 years 6 month scallops been at work boat tug/ anchor…
Prawn and scallop experience

ID: 78273     Posted: 27/04/2016     Anyware Home Town Is Loch Lomond

16 months experience good at mending gear splicing rope Halling and shoting…
Deck hand

ID: 78270     Posted: 27/04/2016     Greenock

I have no experience but I am hard working. I can work well with other as all…
Experienced Fisherman Looking for Employment

ID: 78269     Posted: 27/04/2016     Grimsby

Experienced fisherman with gill netting and long lining skills and knowledge…
Looking for work as a Deckhand

ID: 78255     Posted: 26/04/2016     South West Scotland

I have worked on and off for the past 17 year as an Inshore Fisherman. Mainly…
Reliable crewman

ID: 78213     Posted: 26/04/2016     Tema

Been reliable fisherman with much exp.and have all certifications,can mend,work…
Skipper looking for boat to lease or share basis

ID: 78248     Posted: 26/04/2016     Hull

All types of fishing worlwide
Deck hand looking for work in Cornwall

ID: 78240     Posted: 26/04/2016     Penzance

I'm 30 years old hard working clean and tidy looking for work in the Cornwall…
Deck hand

ID: 78232     Posted: 25/04/2016     Isle Of Whithorn

I have been on and of scallop and queen's boats for 16 year am a good deck hand…
deckhand relif skipper

ID: 78223     Posted: 25/04/2016     Ireland

18 years exp trawling mend splice d nd free text and I'll get back to u doing…

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