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Advertise here if you are looking for fishing jobs or any employment at sea e.g. deckhand, skipper, engineer. Also if you are looking for work in fish processing, fish farming or any maritime based occupation.


ID: 82144     Posted: 23/10/2016     Castletown Bere

20 years fishing I can mend. Splice. Work fish room and have some engine room…

ID: 82157     Posted: 23/10/2016     Anywhere

1.5 years experiences in fishing.First time in Africa later Scotland and…
Skipper Available for single handed trawler

ID: 82145     Posted: 23/10/2016     Inner Moray Firth

Currently skippering a successful over ten, single handedly with great success…
Experienced deck hand

ID: 82142     Posted: 23/10/2016     Scotland

Worked on inshore work boats as well as dive boats.have engineering experience…
Experienced skipper plus crew available

ID: 82141     Posted: 23/10/2016     UK

Very keen ambitious skipper with own crew seeks Scalloper/Trawler to run on a…
fisherman, welder

ID: 82130     Posted: 22/10/2016     Ireland

1.5 years experiences in fishing.First time in Africa later Scotland and…
Skipper Class 1

ID: 82114     Posted: 21/10/2016     Buckie

Exp at prawns,pair and scallops.Have also taken boats to guard work. Am at sea…

ID: 82110     Posted: 20/10/2016     Ireland ,uk,norway

1.5 years experiences in fishing vessels first time worked in Africa later…
Experienced skipper available also deck work

ID: 82093     Posted: 20/10/2016     West Wales

5 years whelking and lobster Gill netting bass ray spiders Worked. 800 pots…

ID: 82092     Posted: 20/10/2016     UK

Been Potting for the last year, Hardworking, quick learner and willing and can…
Fisherman of 16 years looking for a couple of months work

ID: 82088     Posted: 19/10/2016     Anywhere

I'm looking for a couple of months work, I have 16 years at sea working on some…
Diver looking for work

ID: 82079     Posted: 19/10/2016     UK

fishermna, welder

ID: 82050     Posted: 19/10/2016     Ireland,uk,norway

hello,i'm 24 years old strong man looking a fisherman job .Not afraid hard…
Young and Experience Deckhand Available

ID: 82027     Posted: 18/10/2016     Any

Experience Deckhand fluent in English. I have worked in Scotland, And Ireland…
young man searches work for winter on boat/marine

ID: 82026     Posted: 17/10/2016     Fk15 9he

i have currently moved back home to scotland. i am 28 and have worked since i…
Skipper/Mate Guard, Relief, delivery

ID: 82005     Posted: 17/10/2016     Peterhead / Fraserburgh

Looking for a start.

ID: 82001     Posted: 16/10/2016     Fraserburgh

Male 28 years old. Available to work from 20th of November. Worked on boats…
skipper/engineroom/ general all- rounder.

ID: 82000     Posted: 16/10/2016     UK

I'm 34 and have been fishing since age of 15. I've single rigged. done…
deckhand available

ID: 81996     Posted: 16/10/2016     Ayrshire

Ive worked with scallops & worked with prawns aswell so I have a fair bit of…

ID: 81991     Posted: 16/10/2016     Down

lookin trawler scalloper u12 metre to buy or skipper if for sale must have no…
Reliable crewman available

ID: 81989     Posted: 16/10/2016     Takoradi

I have been fishing for sometime now at part of Africa,mostly fishing…
Crew/Skipper available

ID: 81986     Posted: 15/10/2016     Youghal

I have a SAR background and am an active RNLI Helm. I hold a class B commercial…

ID: 81985     Posted: 15/10/2016     U.K.

Looking for short term jobs in Guard work/ Delivery of vessels etc
Skipper/ Master

ID: 81973     Posted: 14/10/2016     East Coast

Skipper available for Ferries, small cargo vessels,Guard and Chase Vessels also…

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