Price List

Our ad prices are listed below. There are no brokerage fees or additional charges.

Some options explained

If you are placing a boat advert or an equipment/services advert, you can choose to have your advert brought back to the top of the lists automatically at regular intervals. For boat adverts the intervals available are 7 days and 14 days, while the interval for equipment/services adverts is 14 days. If you add this option to your advert, you won't need to worry about your advert dropping down the lists, as the system will regularly bring it back to the top of the lists. You can see autobump prices below.


If you are placing a boat or equipment/services advert, you might want your advert to appear in more than one category. For boats adverts you can select two additional categories. For equipment/services, you can select one additional category. You can see prices for this option below.


Once your boat advert has been on FAFB for a while, it will start to fall down the lists as newer adverts are displayed. If you want your advert to go back to the top of the lists again, you can go into your MyFAFB and select the "Bump" option for your advert. There is a small one-off cost for this service, which you can see in the price list below.




Standard boat ad
£24.95 + VAT
Standard advert online until sold or for 20 weeks
  • now includes one free bump up if not sold after 10 weeks
  • add up to 5 videos
Boats and dinghies under GBP3000
£9.95 + VAT
Only available for small boats priced £3000 or less, and this price must be stated. Online for 20 weeks or till sold , 10 photos.
Renew standard boat ad
£19.95 + VAT
Renew your boat ad for a further 20 weeks
Renew boats under GBP3000 ad
£9.95 + VAT
Renew your boats under £3000 ad until sold or removed.
Boat wanted ad
£14.50 + VAT
20 weeks
Boat Transport Services
£24.95 + VAT
Boat Transport Services


Equipment/Services for sale
£9.95 + VAT
10 weeks, 10 photos and video
banner ad £300
£300.00 + VAT
banner advert payment

Licences & Quotas, Fish/Shellfish, Businesses & Properties

Single ad
£14.95 + VAT
10 weeks online - email and text notifications.


Free crew/jobs ad
Free service for crew and employers 2 weeks online ,
Crew Agency Ad
£9.90 + VAT
Advertise your crew agency on FAFB for ten weeks. £1 per week

Dealers, Companies, Brokers

Discounted packs of 10 ads
20% off
Banner Ads
£300 + VAT for 12 months
Randomly-displayed on every page of FAFB.  Full details on application.
See the current banner list here.
Use the FAFB enquiry form to express your interest.

Bump up your boat ad
£3.95 + VAT
Bump your boat ad to the top of the lists.
Boat Ads
£12.99 + VAT
Every 14 days
£17.99 + VAT
Every 7 days
Extra Categories
£3.99 + VAT
Second category
£3.99 + VAT
Third category
Equipment & Services Ads
£3.99 + VAT
Every 14 days
Extra Categories
£3.99 + VAT
Second category
Fish/Shellfish Ads
£3.99 + VAT
Every 14 days

Payment Methods Available

Payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard and PayPal


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