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For Sale:

YANMAR D40- AX- LEP with warranty !

Klaipeda, Lithuania
€10,000 per unit

Audrius Galdikas [Trade]

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YANMAR D18 D27 D36 D40

Price is from 10.000 EUR EXW for D18 only.

6 months fault free warranty from the date of sales.
Tiller handle controlled unit, L-shaft, power trim, el. starting with manual rope emergency back up start, fitted with prop, fuel system (25L fuel tank, hoses, primary pump, connectors), brand new SS Prop Guard, service kit for 1 year operation.
Fully overhauled according to oem specifications, "as new" condition overall, with 5 hours of hot test only.
We could modify to LL, or UL shaft if required, also to Remote controlled version (extra costs).
D18 D27 D36 D40 outboards in any versions available as well.
We could offer complete identical pair of any model and version for your twin application including all required accessories.
Available various parts with warranty also discontinued parts - rebuilt powerheads, lower units, mid sections, top cowlings,...etc

We operate Globally, therefore, we could deliver in a week to any International airport.
Airfreight to be determined according to exact destination airport.

Fuel consumption - up to 3.0 L of diesel / 1 hour at full throttle

If you're looking to purchase Yanmar D18, D27, D36 or D40 parts or service kits, our company is ready to help. From partial assemblies of powerheads, gearboxes or midsections, to service kits, fuel systems and more - we got you covered.
Any part would be available - genuine brand new, genuine good used, reconditioned, aftermarket - just tell us your requirement.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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