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4 simple things you should always check on your advert

3rd January 2020

Four simple things you really should check when you place an advert

4 important things to check on your fafb advert
  • 1 Check all your contact details are correct , make sure you have added the correct phone numbers and email address , if you have omitted a digit in your phone number , you are not going to get any calls , the same is true if you made a typo in your email address take a few moments to check this is all correct

  • 2 You have paid for advertising space use it , a standard boat advert includes unlimited picture and video upload , enhance your advert by showing recent pictures of all parts of the boat , or equipment , the deck , wheelhouse, engine, hydraulics , close ups let buyers see what condition everything is in , video is very easy to upload just follow the simple instructions , Its 2020 nearly everyone has a phone with a camera ,there is no excuse for not having pictures and video showing everything you are selling in detail !

  • 3 The price . Be as accurate and realistic as possible , dont scare buyers off with an unrealistic price that you might never achieve

  • 4 Be positive you only need one buyer to complete your sale , make sure you answer all the calls and emails promptly , You might have to put a bit of your time into answering questions and showing what is for sale , negative comments in your advert like "for sale again due to time waster" these words send out alarm bells that might just scare a buyers away

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