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Can you identify this classic boat ?

31st January 2019

Can you identify this boat .?thought to be a Nobby

My name is Jean BERTRAND and I am the owner of a Nobby with the name MADELINE.

This boat, which is now in St Malo, is currently being renovated.

On the deed of sale of this boat, its year of construction is 1896 !

If this were indeed the case, this boat would be the oldest boat registered in France in a seaworthy condition !

If this is the case, MADELINE will have a special status.

The boat will have an approval and the guarantee that it will never be destroyed exactly like an object in a museum.

But for that, I must provide proof that MADELINE was indeed built in 1896 and retrace its history.

Do you have any information about Madeline that you would like to share with me ?

Mr Alasdair Simpson communicated this information to me: MADELINE would have belonged to Mr John ROGERS who died in 1934 in Falmouth ( he was a lawyer).

Madeline, was the name of his wife (who was the daughter of the writer James Payn);

The couple married in 1896!

MADELINE would have been seen in the Mawgan Creek in the Helford river, but when I don't know....

Can you confirm this information for me? w informations from OGA : "I have looked in the boat register for this Madeline before, with information about her length and that she was a nobby. This ruled out the Madeline in the boat register although it was the right age, being built on the East Coast, and therefor not a Nobby. The new information does not change this, as it is unlikely that she was ever in the South West given her known history of use. I have copied the data extracted from the East Coast Race records for you to forward to Jean so he has as complete a picture as we can provide Madeline She was thought to have been built in 1885 probably at Lowestoft or Yarmouth as a “tripper”. She spent some years around 1930 on the Norfolk Broads. The owner in 1977 had a photo of her complete with counter balanced mast and Broads f=rig, but it is unlikely that she was built for broads use. Since then her history is very vague, although she had been in the Essex area for about 20 years. Madeline had a complete rebuild in 1984-5.

In 1977 she was recorded as built in 1898 cutter 28' white sails, white topsides

Either this or a boat called Madeleine of a similar vintage was rebuilt in the late 80’ and kept on the Stour. She then met hard times again and was seen at Peter Wilsons yard, Aldeburgh, about 2003. It is not clear if this was Madeline or Madeleine.

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