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guiding light charts a great gift or treat yourself

16th May 2016

the home of Bespoke hand made animated nautical charts


The home of bespoke handmade animated nautical charts.

Any nautical chart of your choice anywhere in the World can be brought to life bringing a unique dimension to the chart should it be a harbour, estuary, inland water way or favourite sea area .

Every chart is custom-made enabling Cardinal Buoys, Lateral marks, Lighthouses, Special Marks and others of your choice to be included with an optional home light of your latitude and longitude as a point of interest.

How are they made

Each chart has a special UV coating applied which gives durability and eliminates the need for glass avoiding reflections and making them viewable in all light conditions. A standard chart will have 30 lights and using the latest microprocessing and fibre optics technology they are individually programmed to flash in the correct colour and exact sequence assigned to them and independently to each other, creating a true realtime authentic display.

The highest quality light emitting diodes and micro-electronics are used with a guaranteed lifespan of over 100,000 hours continuous use. Each chart is guaranteed for one year.

how can i use a Guiding light chart?

Once mounted in one of our high quality frames they make a unique focal point on any wall be it a yacht club, work place or at home. For any one with an interest in the sea the chart makes a special gift for retirement, birthdays or of course a treat to oneself.

We are based in the South East of England, our workshop and premises are within a stone's throw of the English Channel, with far reaching and inspiring views which include Dover Cliffs, Dungeness and the French coast.

who is behind this idea

The ever changing coastline and sea provide us all with nostalgic memories and we can bring this to life at Guiding Light Charts. Garry Clark can design and produce any nautical chart you choose and replicate the correct colour and flashing sequences of buoys, lighthouses, lateral marks, markers and leading lights including other relevant light signals.

Garry's idea came from many years working at sea in various ways; fishing commercially, escorting cross Channel swim attempts from Dover to the French coast and as a crew member with the RNLI.

All of these industries rely heavily on navigational buoys and lights leading the way. Couple this with Garry's talent for innovative electronics and computer programmes he is able to produce a quality framed light chart that will create interest and conversation wherever displayed.

Prices start from £399 plus P&P

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