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Boat Stand Range

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For Sale:

Boat Stands and Yacht Cradles For Sale

Beith, North…

Calum Mackie [Trade]

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Boat Stands and Yacht Cradles For Sale

We are the UK's leading boat stand and yacht cradle manufacturer and can supply boat stands and cradles for any size and weight of boat;

Our boat stands are:

• Proven globally around the world
• Heavy duty design for maximum strength
• Fixed and transportable options available
• Able to be chained together for maximum stability
• Fully galvanised to EN ISO 1461
• Provide lifetime support for your boat stands
• Fold flat for easy transport and storage
• Hold very high residual sales value
• Conform to EN1090 structural steel work standards

With over 30 years' experience in manufacturing boat stands and yacht cradles we have a solution for every application.

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