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10m Cheetah or similar wanted

ID: 84632     Posted: 18/08/2017     Anywhere

Also consider live aboard displacement. Cash waiting
12m to 16m Catamaran wanted

ID: 88784     Posted: 12/08/2017     Glasgow

Looking for a 12 to 16m Cat. Coded or previously coded. Good deck space…
coble wanted

ID: 88764     Posted: 11/08/2017     Boston

c wanted with or without…
Wanted 10m Sutton catamaran

ID: 88745     Posted: 10/08/2017     Scotland

Wanted 10m Sutton catamaran

ID: 88727     Posted: 09/08/2017     Plymouth

Wanted fibreglass/steel forward wheelhouse twin or single rig trawler Cygnus…
Couger 8 meter cat

ID: 88576     Posted: 04/08/2017     Guernsey

Coded preferably- not essential
Steel Landing Craft wanted

ID: 88551     Posted: 03/08/2017     Any

looking to buy a steel built landing craft around 25 m long 6 m wide…
Under 11 meter large trawler

ID: 88463     Posted: 31/07/2017     All

Looking for large under 11 meter Dennis Swire design or similar. Big engine…
Boat wanted

ID: 88408     Posted: 28/07/2017     Shetland

Buccaneer 19 or Cygnus 21 wanted with fishing licence Must have sealed deck…
Trawler or creeler wanted with licence

ID: 88401     Posted: 27/07/2017     Anywhere

Wanted trawler or creeler upto 16.5m Creel boat like a Napier or something to…
8-10 meter twin engine fast charter boat needed

ID: 88352     Posted: 26/07/2017     Essex

Looking for 8-10 meter fast twin engine charter boat coded ready to go idealy…
Wanted Holton 24 or Similar

ID: 88333     Posted: 25/07/2017     Woodbridge

Looking for a boat with, sealed deck, gantry and winch. Holton 24 or similar.…
Colne catamaran wanted without license

ID: 88230     Posted: 21/07/2017     Kirkcudbright

Looking for catamaran too fish commercially preferably Colne 9m but any…
CYGNUS GM33 or similer

ID: 88076     Posted: 16/07/2017     Exeter

Cygnus gm 33 Ideally with stern wheelhouse set for trawling and potting but…
catamaran wanted for potting

ID: 88061     Posted: 16/07/2017     Anywhere

wanted.10-12 metre cat to be used for creeling with licence. possible p/ex for…
10/12/u15 scalloper/whelker/trawler wanted on lease

ID: 87920     Posted: 11/07/2017     Wales

10/12/u15 scalloper/whelker/trawler wanted on lease With intention 2 buy.…
Boat wanted to lease or buy

ID: 87684     Posted: 01/07/2017     SW Ireland

Vessel wanted to lease or buy,must be in good condition and must have an irish…
Cyclone 30 Fast Potter Wanted

ID: 87643     Posted: 30/06/2017     Cardiff

Cyclone 30 Fast Potter wanted, no license/tonnage required. Please email with…
Fast potter

ID: 87488     Posted: 24/06/2017     Islay

Fast potter under 8 metre
Under 15m Scalloper

ID: 87374     Posted: 18/06/2017     Brixham

Under 15m Scalloper / beamer with correct licence Cash wating for right boat.
Kingfisher or Buccaneer 26

ID: 85892     Posted: 11/06/2017     Shetland

Looking for Kingfisher or Buccaneer 26 - prepared to travel to secure purchase
12 meter Trawler

ID: 87115     Posted: 06/06/2017     Scotland

Wanted under 12 meter trawler, in good condition, with reliable engine that's…
Catameran Charter Blyth/ South boat /Gemini

ID: 86874     Posted: 28/05/2017     Falmouth

Cash buyer looking for immediate purchase of a coded Catameran cat 2 60 mile…
Fast boat with rod and line bass

ID: 86713     Posted: 20/05/2017     Plymouth

Fast boat wanted with rod and line bass entitlement.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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