Boats wanted

Trawler wanted user 10m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 117027     Posted: 17/04/2021     Hartlepool

wanted under 10 metre trawler with or without shellfish,grp or steel prefered…
Modern under 10 or 12 wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 117010     Posted: 17/04/2021     Scallops

Looking for a modern under 10 or 12m trawler/scalloper. Must be built from…
bass boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116990     Posted: 15/04/2021     Newhaven

Looking for rod and line commercial bass boat. ANY KW.

ID: 116881     Posted: 10/04/2021     Inverkip

Wanted : Lochin 33 Aquabell 33 Mitchell 31 Mark 3 Nelson 34/40/44 Freeward…
Southcat 11mtr VIEW ADVERT

ID: 114132     Posted: 08/04/2021     Anywhere

Looking for a southcat / catapult 396 suitable for charters, would take one…
GRP cat wanted project. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116824     Posted: 06/04/2021     Anywhere

GRP 7-8 mtr approx cat hull deck and grp wheelhouse bare boat only boat in…
Mitchell MK2 / Lochin / Aquastar / 6m+ RIB VIEW ADVERT

ID: 95793     Posted: 03/04/2021     North West

6m+ RiB / Antares / Hardy etc. Please email with details, including asking…
Trawler wanted to lease/buy VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116745     Posted: 02/04/2021     UK

Looking to initially lease and then buy a trawler 14m-16.5m. If you are…
Multi mono skate nets wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116744     Posted: 02/04/2021     Scotland

Multi mono skate nets in good condition wanted.
Under 8m wooden clinker VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116702     Posted: 30/03/2021     Anywhere

Looking for 21 to 25 ft traditional wooden clinker( preferably Orkney built)…
21ft to 24ft boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116672     Posted: 29/03/2021     England

Looking to buy my first boat. I need something capable of working pots and…
Trawler/dredger VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116642     Posted: 27/03/2021     Ireland

Looking to buy or lease 10-12metre trawler/dredger with polyvalent or bivalve…
8 mtr Cat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116633     Posted: 27/03/2021     Anywhere

Looking for 8 mtr Cat , Sutton / cougar , inboard diesels . rigged for creels…
Wanted 9 -12 metre Catamaran Hull boat suitable for Charter / Workboat duties VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116580     Posted: 24/03/2021     UK

I am looking to do a Legal Lease / Hire to buy Agreement within 2 years with…
6-8m Bass Boat and entitlement VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116553     Posted: 22/03/2021     Anywhere

Looking for a vessel anywhere from 6-8m in length, complete with Bass…
12-18meter Potter/gillnetter wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 91156     Posted: 20/03/2021     Anywhere

Fish selling company looking for a 12-18 meter Potter or gillnetter to lease…
Prawn trawler (under ticket) VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116346     Posted: 17/03/2021     Ireland

Licenced prawn trawler wanted to lease or lease purchase anywhere in Ireland…
Cheetah Cat or Evolution VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116212     Posted: 14/03/2021     Anywhere

Looking for a cheetah cat 9m or bigger or evolution 33 or 38 for charter…
Mackerel fishing gurdy /stripper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116364     Posted: 12/03/2021     Westcliff On Sea, Essex, Essex Ss0 0nt

I am looking to purchase a new or used mackerel gurdy stripper for use on my…
Versatility 30, Cygnus 32 or IP 27 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116360     Posted: 11/03/2021     Fife

Looking for a versatility 30 or 35, Cygnus 32 or an IP 27 with cat a license or…
Trawler under 11 meters VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116172     Posted: 04/03/2021     Norway

Lokking for trawler under 11 meters. Dennis Swire/GM33/SF33
Buccaneer B21/Cygnus GM21 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116117     Posted: 24/02/2021     Scotland

Looking for a Buccaneer B21 or Cygnus GM21 Must be in good condition May…
10m or 11m Cat wanted for Charter Angling VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108862     Posted: 24/02/2021     Kent

Code of Practice and in good order throughout.
7x3m Catamaran VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116045     Posted: 21/02/2021     UK

Any 7x3m catamarans with shellfish licence coming up for sale, Cheetah or…
Cyclone, Lochin, Offshore etc VIEW ADVERT

ID: 116030     Posted: 20/02/2021     Anywhere

Looking for u10 metre semi displacement vessel with UK fishing licence, with or…
WANTED...10mtr trawler for Lease to Buy VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115956     Posted: 16/02/2021     East Coast

Looking for a 10mtr trawler c/w licence for prawn fishing on a lease to buy or…
Cygnus 26 / Versatility 30 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115875     Posted: 16/02/2021     UK

We are looking for a Versatility 30 or Cygnus 26 in good condition with a…
Catapult Catamaran or a Gemini GF wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115934     Posted: 16/02/2021     Southwest

A Catapult Catamaran wanted 10 to 12m or a Gemini GF
Buccaneer 19 / 21 or kingfisher 20 wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115928     Posted: 15/02/2021     South Coast

Looking for a tidy and well cared for boat with full licence including…
Creel boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115915     Posted: 14/02/2021     Scotland

Looking for under 8m creel boat , inboard or outboard , looking for something…
Wanted Bass entitlement with Cygnus 26 offshore 25 similar 8 - 10 mtr fast boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115911     Posted: 14/02/2021     Will Transport From Any Location

we are after a Cygnus 26, offshore 25 or Cheetah for bass fishing. it must have…
10m catamaran VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115893     Posted: 13/02/2021     UK

Looking for a 10m cat set up for potting please let me know what you have.
Wanted. Cheetah 8.5 to 9 meter VIEW ADVERT

ID: 101111     Posted: 08/02/2021     UK

I'm. Looking for a 8.5. to 9 metre cheetah cat. With. shellfish licence.…
Wanted Hardy 24 or offshore 25 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115797     Posted: 06/02/2021     Cardiff

Wanted Hardy 24 or Offshore 25, in the UK please email me with details and…
Wanted 10 -12 metre TWIN Engined Semi - Displacement Hulled Boat 4 Charter Work VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115691     Posted: 05/02/2021     UK

I am looking for a 10 - 12 metre TWIN ENGINED SEMI- DISPLACEMENT Hulled Boat…
G.R.P. 8 meter to 10 meter. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115761     Posted: 04/02/2021     UK

Wanted Trawler under 10m, in reasonably good condition.. Or potter that would…
Wanted G Smyth gm 7m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115756     Posted: 04/02/2021     UK

Wanted G Smyth gm 7m
Wanted Nord Fisher 170 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115737     Posted: 03/02/2021     Anywhere

Wanted Nord Fisher 170
Offshore25, Cyclone 26/30 Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115324     Posted: 02/02/2021     South West

Cyclone 26/30 Offshore 25 Wanted ,Must be shaft drive and in good condition.…

ID: 115690     Posted: 31/01/2021     Dublin

I’m looking for a steel boat between 11and 13meters with big fish hold for…
10 Meter and under. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115665     Posted: 30/01/2021     UK

Looking for an under 10m boat, Grp hull preferably, 100 - 150hp, good…

ID: 115628     Posted: 28/01/2021     UK

Looking for licenced boat shellfish not important prefer a boat that is road…

ID: 115506     Posted: 21/01/2021     Plockton

8-10 meter licensed boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115489     Posted: 20/01/2021     Southwest

looking to lease or rent for 10-12 months then purchase i have all my tickets…
Rodman 1120 - 1250 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115420     Posted: 17/01/2021     Milford Haven

Wanted rodman 1120 or 1250 in the uk please email me with details and price and…
8 metre starfish VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115419     Posted: 17/01/2021     Southport

wanted 8 metre starfish or similar must be good overall condition
Wanted 9 -12 metre Catamaran Hull boat suitable for Charter / Workboat duties VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110649     Posted: 14/01/2021     UK

I am looking to do a Legal Lease / Hire to buy Agreement with substantial down…
Boat wanted Cyclone 35 or Typhoon 33 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 115354     Posted: 13/01/2021     Wales

Boat wanted Cyclone 35 or Typhoon 33 with or without licence.

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