Boats wanted

Buy used steel hull of fishing trawler 22 to 24m, we have our own engine VIEW ADVERT

ID: 125096     Posted: 26/06/2022     Europe

We are looking for a used steel hull of a fishing trawler 22 to 24 m LOA, 3m…
Wanted 9 -12 metre Twin Engined Mono/Cat Boat for Charter/Workboat Duties VIEW ADVERT

ID: 122225     Posted: 17/06/2022     UK

Wanted, Lochin, Cygnus Cyfish, Offshore 125 / 2000 type mono hulled…
Seal islander wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124878     Posted: 16/06/2022     Chichester

seal islander any condition, must have seafish
Engine wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124840     Posted: 14/06/2022     Kirkcaldy

SRM 40 / Ivevo 8361 , This is a 400 bhp engine, a SRM 380 would do , any…
Kingfisher K26 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124799     Posted: 12/06/2022     UK

Looking for a Kingfisher K26 rigged for creels, must be in good condition…

ID: 124705     Posted: 07/06/2022     UK

Wanted for Pots & Netting, or suitable for, Mk2 versatility 30 0r similar, with…
Under 10m Trawler VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124655     Posted: 04/06/2022     Scotland

I’m looking for an under 10m trawler. Over 4m beam, fish room, accommodation…

ID: 124571     Posted: 31/05/2022     Sussex

Bass entitlement wanted. Looking for a a old or near end of service boat that…

ID: 124543     Posted: 29/05/2022     Scotland

Looking for a creel boat, Tamar 24 or similar, Treeve DS25, Full shellfish and…
Fast Fisher wanted, VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124512     Posted: 26/05/2022     Chelmsford

Avor, Merry Fisher, Quicksilver or similar type of boat "WANTED" £18,000…
Under 10m Potter or w.h.y. ? VIEW ADVERT

ID: 124409     Posted: 23/05/2022     Scotland / UK

Looks for an under 10m for mainly Creel/pots, not looking for a large under 10.…
Vivier boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 121035     Posted: 20/05/2022     Anywhere

Looking for a Vivier boat up to 12 metres , 3 ton plus tank, don’t mind a…

ID: 124035     Posted: 05/05/2022     Gb

16ft to 19ft buccanneer or similar with outboard preferred,with…

ID: 123862     Posted: 29/04/2022     Cornwall

Looking for a Cygnus 33 or similar rigged trawling preferably with aft wheel…
Wanted Jeanneau Merry Fisher 655 or similar VIEW ADVERT

ID: 123875     Posted: 26/04/2022     Southend Essex

Wanted Jeanneau Merry Fisher must have inboard diesel
Wanted 2 outboard engines VIEW ADVERT

ID: 123835     Posted: 24/04/2022     Great Yarmouth

Selva outboards commerical 30 or 40 HP extra long shafts. A pair required
Kingfisher 26 rigged for trawling VIEW ADVERT

ID: 123571     Posted: 07/04/2022     Sheerness

Kingfisher 26 with licence (shellfish not essential), rigged for trawling, must…
Charter/Tourist boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 123190     Posted: 18/03/2022     Anywhere

Looking for a charter/tour boat. Seating for 12 plus 2. Twin engined, petrol or…
18-20ft Planing Hull VIEW ADVERT

ID: 122878     Posted: 03/03/2022     Dorset

Licensed or not Must be on the register
Under 10m Trawler/Scalloper Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108114     Posted: 03/03/2022     Scotland

Looking for something that can be worked single handed, wood, steel or grp. Not…
cheetah marine cat wanted 6-8m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 122856     Posted: 02/03/2022     South Scotland

wanted 8m cheetah cat wanted any age or condition i am off shore so please…
Under 12m trawler/scalloper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 122665     Posted: 18/02/2022     Inverness

Wanting a modern under 10 or 12 trawler/scalloper, Denis Swire or similar.…

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