Boats wanted

Cygnus cyclone 26 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112238     Posted: 07/08/2020     Scotland West Coast

Looking for a Cygnus cyclone 26 with uk license And selfish Thanks
Pirate 22/25 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112090     Posted: 29/07/2020     Orkney

Looking for a pirate 22 or 25 with twin outboards 80/100hp. Preferably with…
Aluminium Voe Boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112068     Posted: 29/07/2020     Lerwick

Looking for an Aluminium 'Voe' type boat. Ideally open with or without…

ID: 111975     Posted: 26/07/2020     N.e Scotland

Creel Boat around 10M with UK license wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111973     Posted: 25/07/2020     Throughout UK

Looking for GRP creel boat around 10m with UK License, in good condition and…
Cougar 8m Catamaran or Cygnus Cyclone VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111960     Posted: 25/07/2020     Cornwall

8m cougar or cyclone wanted to buy. Preferably registered, any condition…
12-18meter Potter/gillnetter wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 91156     Posted: 19/07/2020     Anywhere

Fish selling company looking for a 12-18 meter Potter or gillnetter to lease…
20-26ft netter/potter with bass intitelment VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111802     Posted: 17/07/2020     Mevagissey

Wanted 20-26ft boat with bass intitelment. Shellfish a bonus but not needed.…
Cygnus Cyclone 26 Wanted. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111790     Posted: 16/07/2020     Scotland

Looking for a Cygnus cyclone 26 for potting. Must be uk registered. Project…
Bass entitlement with boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111658     Posted: 09/07/2020     North Wales

Boat with bass netting entitlement and plaining hull boat wanted 17ft-23ft…
Trawler / Potter Under 10m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111475     Posted: 30/06/2020     Any UK Only.

Boat rigged for trawling and / or Pots, Good condition & Good engine. Willing…
Wanted 15 metre or slightly under timber hull VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111402     Posted: 27/06/2020     South Ireland

Wanted 15 metre or slightly under,Timber hull,Transom stern,Timber must be…
Ex Fishing boat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111319     Posted: 24/06/2020     Emden

Looking to buy ex fishing boat or similar No license or Fishing rights needed…
Steel Razor boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111257     Posted: 22/06/2020     Ireland

Looking for steel Razor boat in Ireland
Shallow draft dory VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111164     Posted: 17/06/2020     Felixstowe

Shallow draft dory around 18 ft on registry with or without licence .

ID: 111126     Posted: 15/06/2020     UK

looking for registered or licenced project 5-7m wood or grp cash waiting
Fibramar Pescador 700 or 780 Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111103     Posted: 14/06/2020     Kirkcudbright

Must be Seafish Certified. With or without Licence. Any Condition…
U10 - 12m Trawler Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108114     Posted: 08/06/2020     Scotland

Looking to buy an u10 - 12m trawler, ideally one that could also be rigged for…
Airberth M430 or m539, harbour hoist, Sunstream V lift VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110953     Posted: 07/06/2020     Po326ay

I am looking for a an Airberth style solution to keep my 10 meter 4.5ton RIB…
Pots - Trawl Under 10m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110946     Posted: 06/06/2020     UK

Wanted for Pots and or Trawl, with or without Licence, About 120hp. May think…
Still looking for 8 to 10m creel boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110943     Posted: 06/06/2020     NE Scotland

Looking for 26 to 32 foot creel boat prefer with license but would consider…
Kingfisher 26 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110909     Posted: 04/06/2020     Kent

Kingfisher 26 wanted, with or without licence, but still on the Registry.
Wanted Buccaneer 21-24. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110860     Posted: 02/06/2020     Berwickshire

Exchange wanted Buccaneer 21-24 no licence needed i have a - Cygnus gm. 28…
Fast Boat with Bass Entitlement VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110821     Posted: 30/05/2020     UK

Looking for a boat with Rod and Line Bass Entitlement, 16 to 19 foot with 14.9…
Small Trawler or Creel boat under 10m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109958     Posted: 25/05/2020     Scotland / Any

Looking for a Small trawler or a boat that could be converted over to Trawl /…
Orkney longliner with licence VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110703     Posted: 24/05/2020     Argyll

Looking for a Orkney longliner or similar with full shellfish, No crazy…
G.R.P. 8 meter to 10 meter. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110688     Posted: 23/05/2020     Scotland

Wanted boat about 26ft to 32ft, must have a good hull and engine, also must be…

ID: 110664     Posted: 22/05/2020     Western Isles

Wanted Orkney fastliner 19 or G Smyth Renegade or Redbay or pro Angler ,good…
Wanted 8 -12 metre Catamaran boat suitable for Charter / Workboat Duties VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110649     Posted: 21/05/2020     UK

I am looking for a 8 -12 metre catamaran boat suitable for Charter Angling /…
wanted ASAP Tactile or similar Cheetah Catamaran VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106342     Posted: 21/05/2020     Yorkshire

Cheetah Catamaran Pro angler Tactile or similar wanted must have shellfish…

ID: 110615     Posted: 19/05/2020     Anywhere

Wanted for Trawling / Potting, GRP or Steel may consider other type of…
Catamaran wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110512     Posted: 13/05/2020     Scotland

Catamaran wanted 6 to 7 meters without lic but must registered Twinseas or…
Under Ten Trawler Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110479     Posted: 11/05/2020     Any

Under ten meter trawler must be in good condition wanted to purchase with or…
Wanted Cygnus Cygnet 23 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108239     Posted: 11/05/2020     Boulmer

With single outboard motor Preferably without wheelhouse

ID: 110447     Posted: 09/05/2020     Any UK

Looking for a Commercial licensed fishing boat, Kingfisher 26, Cygnus 32…
Trawler Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110257     Posted: 29/04/2020     Tjøme

Dennis Swire large or MacDuff trawler ( or equivalent) The boat has to be…
12-14 meter steel workboat wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110165     Posted: 16/04/2020     Skye

Looking for a steel boat 12-14 meters by 4.5 - 5.5 wide . Good deck space an…
Under 10m Trawler or Potter VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110119     Posted: 12/04/2020     Any

Wanted under 10 meter boat for trawling mainly and possibly Pots, must be in…
8 tu 10m trawler VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110110     Posted: 11/04/2020     Scotland

with or without uk psl, registered in the uk, must have all safety equipment in…

ID: 110102     Posted: 11/04/2020     Scotland

Wanted project 10m or 12 m Gemini Catamaran with shellfish entitlement
Project /registered /licensed VIEW ADVERT

ID: 110094     Posted: 10/04/2020     SE England

Looking for a Registered project similar to ip 23/24 will consider wooden also…
Cheverton, Treeve. Plymouth Pilot Wanted. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109969     Posted: 30/03/2020     Ramsgate

Cheverton , Treeve , Plymouth Pilot , Dell Quay, Wanted. With inboard…
Wanted small MCA coded open boat in excellent condition to use as river ferry. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108150     Posted: 29/03/2020     Dorset

Saltram 20, Cygnus 21/19, Fibramar 680/600, Holton 24, offshore 25 or similar.…
Wanted: Creel Boat, 7m/8m VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109912     Posted: 22/03/2020     NE Scotland

Consider GM7, Cygnus 26, Kingfisher 24/26 or similar. Would also be interested…

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