Boats wanted

Twin rig Trawler VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109501     Posted: 28/02/2020     Oban

Looking for twin rig Trawler up to 16.50 scallop entitlement would be bonus but…
Under 10 Meter Wanted. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109457     Posted: 26/02/2020     UK

Looking for an Under 10m boat. Between 9 & 10 meter, Any type of construction…
Under 10m Fast netter/potter/jigger VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109346     Posted: 22/02/2020     UK

Looking for a fast netter / potter / jigger within the next couple of months.…
Wanted boat for jigging VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109195     Posted: 16/02/2020     Shetland

Looking for Kingfisher 24-26, Cygnus GM 26, Cygnus Cyclone 26, with licence…
9 Meter up to 11.9 Meter Fishing vessel VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109193     Posted: 16/02/2020     UK

Looking for in good condition GRP, Steel or Wood, Trawling and possibly…
Under 8m with bass VIEW ADVERT

ID: 109057     Posted: 11/02/2020     Heysham

Under 8m fast fisher wanted. Fastliner type preferred but consider anything…
11m Blyth, Southcat, Catapult or Offshore 125 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108862     Posted: 01/02/2020     Kent

Must have Code of Practice and be in good order throughout. Would consider a…
Under 12oal steel VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108780     Posted: 29/01/2020     UK

Wanted under 12 metre steel boat with or without license
Wanted offshore 105 or lochin. Or something similar VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108714     Posted: 26/01/2020     Anywhere

Wanted offshore 105 or lochin 33. Must be tidy. Doesn’t need to be coded as…
Boat trailer or boat transport VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108584     Posted: 20/01/2020     Bridlington

Artic boat trailer
Wanted 8-10m grp VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108507     Posted: 17/01/2020     UK

Wanted 8-10m grp netting or potting boat preferably with bass consider with or…

ID: 108448     Posted: 15/01/2020     Cornwall

Cygnus cyclone wanted. Any length and any condition considered. With or…
Wanted Cygnus Cygnet 23 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108239     Posted: 06/01/2020     Boulmer

With single outboard motor Preferably without wheelhouse
Under 12m trawler/scalloper wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108238     Posted: 06/01/2020     Any

Looking for modern steel trawler/scalloper, must be well maintained and less…
Cygnus 26 or similar wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108236     Posted: 05/01/2020     Shetland

Looking for a Cygnus GM26 or similar, with or without license, must have…
10 metre Trawler wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108172     Posted: 02/01/2020     Any

I’m looking for a 10 metre trawler, preferably a Cygnus GM33 and would…
Wanted small open boat in excellent condition to use as river ferry. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108150     Posted: 30/12/2019     Dorset

Saltram 20, Cygnus 21/19, Fibramar 680/600, Tidemaster 21 or similar. Must be…
Looking for U10m Prawn Trawler/Scalloper/Creeler VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108114     Posted: 28/12/2019     Clyde

Looking to buy u10 Prawn Trawler/Scalloper with licence. Preferably steel, must…
under 10 meter trawler/netter VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108104     Posted: 28/12/2019     South West

under 10 meter trawler/netter cyguus /buccaneer would consider steel if in good…
would like to buy 10-15mtr scallop boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105293     Posted: 22/12/2019     Scotland

Retired Scottish seaman would like to buy into 10-15mtr scallop boat with…
Under 10m boat wanted. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108026     Posted: 19/12/2019     Mevagissey

Under 10m boat wanted, must have bass entitlement, net or line or both…
Raider 18 wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 107982     Posted: 17/12/2019     Portsmouth

Raider 18 wanted. Must be English built with a cabin and a Japanese four stroke…
Under 10 meter trawler VIEW ADVERT

ID: 107958     Posted: 15/12/2019     Killybegs

I’m looking for a Cygnus GM33 or a Buccaneer 33 Must be good condition…
22/24 meter work / fishing vessel VIEW ADVERT

ID: 104269     Posted: 14/12/2019     Bridlington

20/24mtr fishing vessel / work boat no fishing licence required Preferably…
10-12m Catamaran Survey/Workboat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 107933     Posted: 13/12/2019     UK

Looking for 10-12m Catamaran Survey/Workboat with appropriate COC with 1m draft…
Vessel with netted bass full entitlement VIEW ADVERT

ID: 107616     Posted: 24/11/2019     Wales

Looking for a reasonably priced vessel under 8m but above 7m and with approx…
** Cygnus 32 wanted ** VIEW ADVERT

ID: 94110     Posted: 23/11/2019     Galway

Looking for Cygnus 32 rigged for trawling & potting . With forward…
Wanted 10 to 12 m catamaran charter/work boat inboards VIEW ADVERT

ID: 107588     Posted: 22/11/2019     UK

Looking for a catamaran to be used as work/charter boat must be in good order…
Wanted 26ft-33ft fast boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106966     Posted: 26/10/2019     United Kingdom

Kingfisher 31 Cyfish 33 Cyclone 26/30/33 Cleopatra 31/33 Email with what…

ID: 107000     Posted: 24/10/2019     Anywhere

Wanted. Cat hull or cyclone to fit out or fix up!! Anything from 6m - 12m.…
Orkney, Cheetah, Tactile or similar VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106919     Posted: 19/10/2019     Notfolk

Beach boat wanted preferably with Shellfish and Bass Licence
Used Orkney Pilothouse 20 Wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106786     Posted: 14/10/2019     Beccles

Seeking a used Orkney Pilothouse 20 with 4 stroke outboard, both in good…

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