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10m to Under 12m Trawler.

ID: 91556     Posted: 16/12/2017     Anywhere, UK

Boat wanted for Trawling, good sized under 10m to under 12m, with forward…
Under 15 meter, UK Vessel

ID: 91543     Posted: 15/12/2017     All. UK

Looking for a Trawler Under 15m ( Over all length ) Boat with Licence and…

ID: 88957     Posted: 13/12/2017     All

We are looking for a 12/17 meter vivier crabber to buy, can be Wooden /steel/…

ID: 91330     Posted: 03/12/2017     Oban

28-35 ft. unlicensed TW wanted. Can repair if necessary. Forward/mid…
Catamaran 10 metre, poss part ex Napier 36

ID: 91257     Posted: 28/11/2017     Isle Of Mull

Looking for a catamaran around the 10 metre mark, Gemini preferably but any…

ID: 91221     Posted: 27/11/2017     Anywhere UK

Looking for Cygnus 37, Napier 36, freeward 35 etc or similar size boat in…
Boat Wanted

ID: 91206     Posted: 27/11/2017     Scotland

Cygnus 32 rigged for the Trawl , preferably with Gardner 6 LXB or 6LX or…
12-18meter trawler/gillnetter wanted

ID: 91156     Posted: 25/11/2017     Anywhere

Fish selling company looking for a 12-18 meter trawler or gillnetter to lease…
Catamaran wanted

ID: 91131     Posted: 24/11/2017     UK

Catamaran about 10m with inboards wanted for creeling. Anything considered.
Cygnus 33 or similar

ID: 90983     Posted: 18/11/2017     UK

Looking for a Cygnus 33 or similar boat , Location not important
Kingfisher k26

ID: 89175     Posted: 18/11/2017     Anywhere

Wanted kingfisher k26, phone text or email what you have got, location doesn't…
Cygnus cyfish 33 or cyclone 30

ID: 90971     Posted: 17/11/2017     Scotland

Looking for a cyfish 33 or cyclone 30 no older than 20 years for around…
Coble with license wanted / part x Cygnus 21 with licence

ID: 90954     Posted: 16/11/2017     Northeast

After a coble or wooden boat with cat a full shellfish license , must be in…

ID: 90804     Posted: 07/11/2017     Anywhere

Wanted cygnet. Prefer to be at least registered But if not still interested.…
Potting vessel

ID: 90775     Posted: 06/11/2017     Stranraer

Under 12 mt boat sutibal for potting must be in good condition steel or heavy…
Pioneer multi

ID: 90689     Posted: 01/11/2017     UK

Anyone have a pioneer multi or Whaley drop ramp for sale with or without engine
Potting boat

ID: 90606     Posted: 28/10/2017     Scarborough

Wanted 11-15 metre steel/ fibreglass boat .trawler/ potter must have shellfish…
13-15m potter wanted

ID: 90584     Posted: 26/10/2017     Bridlington

13-15m potter wanted or swap/part x for a Cygnus revenge 38 with licence…
Under ten meter steel trawler scalloper wanted

ID: 90491     Posted: 23/10/2017     UK

Under ten meter trawler scalloper wanted must be steel
22-26ft creel boat wanted

ID: 90460     Posted: 22/10/2017     Aberdeenshire

Wanted 22-26ft creel boat With license Must be good condition Less than…
Cygnus Cyclone 30

ID: 90015     Posted: 20/10/2017     Scotland

Cygnus Cyclone 30 or similar fast potter wanted as soon as possible.
Versatility 30 wanted(or similar)

ID: 90403     Posted: 20/10/2017     Oban

Ex creel boat wanted for project. Under 90hp engine and forward / mid…
Mitchell23 or Seaward23 or similar

ID: 90348     Posted: 18/10/2017     Edinburgh

Looking for a fibreglass semi displacement hull anything like a Seaward or…
Potting/Netting boat urgently wanted

ID: 89534     Posted: 18/10/2017     Kent

Cat wanted urgently, 8m Sutton or Cougar with shellfish and full Cat A Under…

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