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Cat wanted

ID: 98327     Posted: 18/09/2018     Highlands

6to7 meter cat wanted with or without lic must be in reasonable condition

ID: 98232     Posted: 14/09/2018     Any

Wanted GRP full decked, forward or aft wheelhouse rigged for potting. Must…
Under 10m Wooden French Style Trawler

ID: 98199     Posted: 12/09/2018     Kent

Under 10m wooden French style trawler with under 10m licence. Must be in good…

ID: 98180     Posted: 11/09/2018     Ballycastle

Looking to upgrade, Wanted Cygnus cyclone 30 or similar
Wanted Wilson flyer or Orkney or tactile with shellfish licence

ID: 98160     Posted: 10/09/2018     Anywhere

Wanted one of the above or something with a shellfish licence. 20k max to spend…
Wanted Cygnus/ treeve DS 25

ID: 98028     Posted: 04/09/2018     Cadgwith

I am looking for a Cygnus / treeve DS 25 in any conditions but on the register.…
Offshore 25 wanted

ID: 97782     Posted: 24/08/2018     Rathlin

Looking to purchase an Offshore 25 for charter work, preferably with shaft…
20m up 26m or must be under 24m loadline

ID: 97748     Posted: 23/08/2018     Anywhere

Looking for a boat suitable for conversion to charter work and capable of live…

ID: 97740     Posted: 23/08/2018     Anywhere

Wanted a cheetah cat with or without licence. Or offshore 32 105 or 125…
Fastfisher wanted (7 to 8 meter)

ID: 97629     Posted: 18/08/2018     Portrush

I am looking for a planing, preferably walkaround, fastfisher/weekender.…
Wanted 10 metre cheetah catamaran

ID: 97625     Posted: 18/08/2018     Great Yarmouth

Im after a 10 metre cheetah catamaran but the 3.7m beam. Not the 3.6 beam.…
Offshore 125 or Revenge 38

ID: 97624     Posted: 18/08/2018     Dover

Looking for an offshore 125 or Revenge 38 to use for charter angling. Would…
Cyclone project

ID: 97607     Posted: 17/08/2018     Pembroke Dock

Wanted cygnus cyclone project would the chap who contacted me please get in…
Cygnus 26/28 or versatility with full shellfish entitlement

ID: 97459     Posted: 11/08/2018     Amble

I am looking for a Cygnus or a versatility rigged for potting. Prefer a flush…
Fastworker/westral 19

ID: 97283     Posted: 03/08/2018     Wales

19ft westral cadet or fast worker 19 reqd. No licence or any fishing gear…
Charter/Pleasure Angling Boat. 8-11 meter

ID: 97244     Posted: 01/08/2018     Skagen

I want to buy at charter Angling Boat betveen 8-11 meter, monohull or…

ID: 66657     Posted: 28/07/2018     Scotland

wanted kingfisher 26 or 33

ID: 96973     Posted: 20/07/2018     Northern Ireland

k 26 or k33 wanted , with or without licence in fair condition,
Under Ten Scalloper

ID: 96828     Posted: 15/07/2018     Scotland

Looking for modern steel under ten. In good all round condition, ideally rigged…
Ocqueteau wanted with diesel inboard

ID: 96791     Posted: 12/07/2018     Edinburgh

I am looking for an Ocqueteau 645, 695 or 715 with diesel inboard. Prepared to…
Cheetah catamaran wanted

ID: 96546     Posted: 04/07/2018     Anywhere

I am looking for a Cheetah catamaran, ideally between 6.9m and 9m. Rigged for…
Under 8M GRP boat wanted

ID: 96577     Posted: 04/07/2018     Scotland

Hi, I’m currently looking for an under 8M boat. Buccaneer, kingfisher or…
Trawler wanted

ID: 96520     Posted: 02/07/2018     Scotland

Twin rig trawler wanted with license pref with square stern and under ticket…
Wanted Cygnus Typhoon, Cyfish or Cyclone, or Fast Cat

ID: 96445     Posted: 29/06/2018     UK

I am looking for a Cygnus Typhoon, Cyfish or Cyclone 30 - 35, rigged for…
Wanted Cyclone or similar.

ID: 96403     Posted: 28/06/2018     Anywhare

looking to upgrade within the next year, idealy looking for a cyclone 26ft but…
Under 12m trawler/scalloper wanted

ID: 96157     Posted: 18/06/2018     Mallaig

Modern under 12m McAllister or Swire designed boat wanted. Must be in good…
Rebecca Jane G any information or history

ID: 96153     Posted: 17/06/2018     Anywhere

Wanted any information or history on a Colne Cat built 2010 name Rebecca…
Diesel jet drive RIB wanted for lease / purchase

ID: 96070     Posted: 15/06/2018     Scarborough

We are looking for a diesel engined jet drive rib for commercial work on the…
boat wanted for rental

ID: 95894     Posted: 08/06/2018     Bangor

must have shellfish license we have an experienced skipper looking for…
sc mcallister /dennis swire under 12m scalloper

ID: 95806     Posted: 04/06/2018     UK

mcallister/dennis swire under 12m steel scalloper prefer with conveyors and cat…
Lochin 33

ID: 95793     Posted: 04/06/2018     Liverpool

Lochin 33 Sports Fisherman or extended wheelhouse version wanted.
Under 10 mtr potter - cat- cyclone

ID: 81619     Posted: 15/05/2018     Yorkshire

WANTED ASAP CYGNUS CYCLONE 8-10 MTR Kingfisher fastcatch Cleopatra…
Vivier Crabber

ID: 95312     Posted: 14/05/2018     Scotland

We are looking to buy a vivier crabber after summer 2018 to early 2019. Would…

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