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For Sale:

corner turner and Grader 2 separate items... see description


Corner Turner in great condition. Used in small fish factory. Selling due to change in floor plan.


belt its roughly 330cm long and 62cm wide

£2500 (O.N.O)


Yamato DP-5602 EDI-562 fish grader in perfect working condition

Used in a small fish yard

■ Stainless steel IP66 Wash down construction (Indicator)
■ Large selection of scale capacity (from 3kg to 2,000kg) and platform size (from 350x300mm to 1200x1200mm)
■ Bright fluorescent tube display (Main display)
■ Full Dot LCD with back light (Auxiliary display)
■ Full numeric keypad
■ Check weighing Function
The Over/Accept/Under weight can be judged by 3 colour LED indicator
■ Shortage Guidance Display
A full dot LCD with back light made English literature and sweep bar display possible. It indicates the shortage against the target in work unit (one spoon, half cup, 3 pieces or else) at fixed weighing function. This reduces a burden of operators and improves work efficiency.
■ Grading Function
In addition to the normal grading function, the subtractive grading function is equipped as a standard. This function helps to speed up sorting operation

£2000 O.N.O

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