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ID: 96324     Posted: 24/06/2018     Blyth

Looking for a chance to get started. I'm 27, don't smoke or do drugs and rarely…
Deckhand.. under 16.5m skipper

ID: 96304     Posted: 24/06/2018     Yorkshire

I have 22 years experience looking for work immediately as deckhand or skipper.…
I am looking for work on a fishing boat

ID: 96302     Posted: 24/06/2018     Fraserburgh

I have served my time engineering on supply boats. I went fishing on pair trawl…

ID: 96297     Posted: 24/06/2018     Hull

I have just finished maritime training fishing course I am 33 years old is…

ID: 96280     Posted: 23/06/2018     Portsmouth

Hi. I’m looking for a berth as skipper or mate on beamer scalloper or…

ID: 96279     Posted: 23/06/2018     Aberdeen

30+ years experience at trawl and scallops

ID: 96271     Posted: 23/06/2018     Riga

I am looking job as mate-deckhand.EU.Class 1 (up to 45 meters&unlimited…
Deck hand anything considered

ID: 96270     Posted: 23/06/2018     Hull

My name is Chris Sawden I'm 30 years got All certificate's and willing to work…
Looking for a berth on scallop boat

ID: 96266     Posted: 22/06/2018     Cork

Iv bein away from the fishing now for a few years now id love to go back on to…

ID: 96257     Posted: 22/06/2018     Kendal

I have been in the industry 27years I can mend splice e take a watch stern…

ID: 96253     Posted: 21/06/2018     Blyth

over 20 years experience trawling /scallops /potting pref scallop boat got own…

ID: 96247     Posted: 21/06/2018     Yorkshire

Iv 22 years experience with whitefish single twin rig .I h also have numerous…
Looking for work

ID: 96245     Posted: 21/06/2018     North East UK

Willing to give anything ago. Wanting a career at sea. Don't smoke or do drugs…
New entrant Deck hand

ID: 96239     Posted: 21/06/2018     Any

qualifications and skills: -STWC Personal Survival Techniques -STWC…

ID: 96237     Posted: 20/06/2018     Scarborough

Done potting/scalloping done all my tickets looking for work

ID: 96235     Posted: 20/06/2018     Hull

I have just finished a 3 week introduction to fishing course which included the…
Deckhand scslloper

ID: 96230     Posted: 20/06/2018     Yorkshire

Iv 22 years experience at sea 8 years scalloping tel.for more info

ID: 96227     Posted: 20/06/2018     Hull

Looking for work. available to start straight away got all certs.... Thanks
Deckhand under16.5 m skipper

ID: 96222     Posted: 20/06/2018     Ireland

I have 22 years experience. Trawling and scalloping .. I have skippered a 15m…
Deckhand, all vessels considered

ID: 96220     Posted: 20/06/2018     I Live In Hull, But Any Port Considered At Home Or Abroad

I am currently doing a 3 week introduction to commercial fishing course and…

ID: 96207     Posted: 19/06/2018     Ireland

Looking for skippers job.hold second hand full ticket
Wanting work

ID: 96208     Posted: 19/06/2018     Hull

Available Monday can travel to any destination looking for any type of work all…
Crewman looking for work on a crabber in Scotland

ID: 96201     Posted: 19/06/2018     Orkney

Looking for work on a crabber anywhere in Scotland. I am looking for a trip on…
Skipper prawns Irish Sea/Clyde

ID: 96182     Posted: 18/06/2018     Northern Ireland/clyde

Experienced skipper looking boat to fish at prawns/twin rig

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