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For Sale in Fuel and Engine Systems

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Last Modified: 09-05-2023
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For Sale: Diesel Dipper Cleans the fuel tank.
Location: Gloucestershire

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Peter Weide 01666 818 791

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The Diesel Dipper® removes water and Diesel Bug whilst at sea. It sucks from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank beneath the engine fuel suction.

How confident are you of the condition inside your fuel tank?

See video demonstration.

Even if you use the drain cock on your tank depending on the trim of the boat there is still water left in the tank. You can see in the perspex demo tank how the water (dyed blue) sits behind the vertical baffles.

That water degrades the fuel and collects diesel bug which turns into sludge and festers behind the baffles causing more degredation and more sludge and so on until you block the filters on your engine.

The Diesel Dipper will remove water (and the sludge) as it is formed, It is not connected to the engine fuel system and starts with your engine so scours out the bottom of the fuel tank whilst you are at sea.

No water no diesel bug and no sludge. Injectors last longer (water reduces the lubricant properties of the diesel). Reduced deposits on injectors.
Used in combination with our DieselAid® LDB we guarantee to end all diesel related sludge problems.

No consumable filters to replace and requires no maintenance.

Scroll down for demonstration animation and video demonstration.

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If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.

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