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Diesel Dipper® Cleans the tank bottom from UNDER the fuel suction whilst at sea.

£595 +VAT per unit
The Diesel Dipper® removes water and Diesel Bug whilst at sea. It sucks from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank beneath the engine fuel suction.

*** SPECIAL PROMOTION *** FREE 5L DieselAid® LBD with each Diesel Dipper purchase - while stocks last - limited availability - ends 31st March 2020

Used whilst at sea and the water and sludge at the bottom of the tank are sloshing about it will remove ALL water, sludge, Diesel Bug and Debris which is then simply drained from the bottom of the separator.

There are no filters to replace and no maintenance other than regular draining of the water/sludge.

The concept is that it transfers the contents from the bottom of your large fuel tank into a smaller tank where they can be managed by regular draining.

Used in combination with our DieselAid® LDB we guarantee to end all diesel related sludge problems.

See a video here:

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Mandy Stone [Trade]
01666 818 791

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