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Escape Hatch / Access Door Brand New Old Stock


Ben Plummer [Trade]
07769 652656

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Escape Hatch / Access Door for an external vertical wall.
Sprung loaded door that folds upwards and holds itself open till you want to pull it down to close, with 3 Dog Locks on the door and a large rubber seal.
GRP outer cover (the orange parts) it’s original gel coat finish but you could easily paint to suit whatever colour you wanted, large heavy duty stainless hinges, stainless fixings and a heavy duty aluminium frame.
Max external sizes: 126cm high & 83cm wide
Cut out size needed: 111cm high & 68.5cm wide
Brand New Old Stock, a few small marks here and there but overall in very good condition.
Ideal if you need to create an escape route or maybe easier access for a machinery area etc.
Having a bit of a clear up in the workshop so take a look at our other hatches and parts.
Quite a large heavy part but can be put on a pallet and sent, price includes Delivery with courier.

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