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Fishing Net Light Tri Colour Flashing LED Night Activated Buoy Marker Beacon

New Milton (south…

Peter Summerfield

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Fishing Net Indicator Light - Tri Colour Flashing LED

Flashing LED alternates Red, Blue & Green

Night activated - will turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn

Suitable for use as a fishing net position beacon, ship bar top light, fish attracting lamp etc.

Can also be used as a safety warning light to avoid vehicle collisions etc.

Visible for up to 5000 meters at sea
Call 24/7 days a year
25cm length - 3V
These use 2 D batteries but we recommend using recharging one to save money.


Pack of 4 lights - £29.00
Pack of 6 lights - £39.00
Pack of 8 lights - £56.00
Pack of 10lights - £65.00
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