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Ford Mermaid 90hp and 3:1 Gearbox

Ford Mermaid Melody 2 and 3:1 gearbox fully rebuilt by a marine engineer with with no expense spared. Receipts available for over £3000 for parts alone.

Engine was was only removed from the boat due to the boat undergoing a full refit and a new engine being fitted. Prior to the engine being removed the boat was being used daily and had no issues.

Here is a list of some of the work which was carried out and checked on the engine;

New pistons, New big end bearings, New main bearings including thrust, New oil pump, New fresh water pump, New salt water pump parts except main body, Three new push rods, New intake and exhaust valves, New cylinder head gaskets, Cylinder head crack checked by NDT, New front and rear crankshaft seal, New camshaft bearings, Reconditioned starter motor and alternator, New fuel and lub oil filter, New power take off shaft, all O rings and gaskets renewed that was disturbed, New big end bearing bolts, New drive coupling,New gearbox bearings, New gearbox relief valve, Gearbox cooler chemically cleaned and pressure tested, New gearbox hydraulic hoses, New gearbox o rings and seals, timing gears and balance gears back-lashed checked and all within manufactures tolerance.

I also have an older engine the same that can go with it for spares.

I have a couple of videos of the engine starting and running showing pressures which i can whatsapp to anyone who's interested.

Kevin Ryrie

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