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Freelance Health/ safety and compliance (vessel safety file) consultancy

East Yorkshire Coast

Andrew Lount
07817 852486

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I would like to share the service I offer, which may benefit businesses or FV owners.

For the last two years, I have been working closely with businesses and vessel owners of under 15m vessels, to compile and write bespoke, detailed safe system of work folders (the vessel safety folder) and carry out annual reviews along with other health safety and compliance requirements.

The folder covers many areas, as per the requirements set out in MSN 1871 (F), along with its supporting guidance notes. To name a few but not limited to; crew documentation and work agreements, maintenance check logs required under PUWER regulations and LOLER regulations, manufacture specific maintenance logs for propulsion and ancillary equipment engines, vessel specific risk assessments plus much more! Each folder follows my standardized format, and is very specific to each particular vessel. Most of the clients I work for are preparing their vessel for MCA survey, however some of the clients are not nearing MCA survey but wish to be compliant.
I can also supply bespoke decals, whiteboards and other accessories which have proved extremely useful to clients when recording expiry dates and other information.

When completing safety files for clients, the information is gathered through consultation and communication with the business or FV owner. The file is handed over requiring document signing only. Were required, I can also consult with crew directly aboard the vessel this helps to ensure they fully understand the risk assessment's, safe working procedures and complete the signing of documentation.

Based on the East coast of Yorkshire, my family have been part of the Commercial Fishing industry for 35+ years. Most of my work is in the Harbours and boat compounds of this coast line, however I can travel further afield. I have real passion for my work, I pride myself in capturing as much detail from the owner, the vessel and its crew as possible, to allow me to complete such an accurate file.
Testimonials from previous clients can be provided. All work is invoiced correctly and I hold the required certification, accreditation and insurance policies.

Pictured is a handful of vessels I have worked with.

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