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International Interlac 665 - Ocean Green 5L

£50 +VAT

Kieron Macleod [Trade]
01463 229413

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International Interlac 665 is a single component alkyd gloss enamel finish.

International Interlac 665 is a maintenance coating for use in a wide range of industrial environments including offshore, petrochemical & chemical plants. Suitable for areas of limited chemical exposure where an economical single pack finish coat is required.

Also for use as a cosmetic finish coat for alkyd based systems intended for both interior & exterior exposure.

Brand International
Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Drying Time 6 Hours
Overcoating Time 24 Hours
Coverage m² P/Litre 12
Finish Gloss
Size 5 Litre
Recommended Thinner International GTA004

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