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For Sale:

J.R.C.5110/5106. Marine Radar.

£1,950 ono

Richard Lees [Trade]

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J.R.C.Black Box X-Band Marine Radar,10Kw or 6Kw Transceiver Available,24-Volts DC Operation Or 12-Volts DC,The Scanner/Processor Cable is A 30-Mt Length for 12-Volt DC-Operation the cable can be be shortened I can prepare this if required,The Processor Is The ND-1260-The Keyboard is The NCE-7640 The Scanner is The NKE-2062-4ft I have prepared this for the 10Kw Transceiver Running in economy Power mode.This Radar is Marpa Ready with the NCA-868 Unit.I Have provided The Radar With A Sperry Marine 24-Volt/VGA LCD Screen 15-inch For A Through Panel Mount,The Radar Accessories Are The original Manuals And Connectors.For Heading Compass And GPS Data input,Thank you for Looking.

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