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Koden CVS-841C 10.4" Echo Sounder

£499 +VAT per unit ono

Debbie Cook [Trade]

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Re Conditioned Koden CVS-841C 10.4" Dual Frequency Echo Sounder. Tested and in full working condition.

The Koden CVS-841C 10.4" colour echo sounder features an advanced programmable Transceiver/Receiver unit for dual frequency selection with 1kW power output.

• 10.4" Colour LCD display
• Dual frequency combination
• Select from 28, 38, 50, 75 & 200kHz
• 1kW output
• Enhanced interference rejection
• Analyse previous screen images
• Transmitter frequency and power output level must be matched with the transducer(Transducer Not Included)

A higher rate of transmission and a unique interference rejection system greatly enhances echo detection ability. A newly developed log receiver produces low noise echoes due to its wide dynamic range. Koden have adopted a new approach in changing the Pulse Repetition at a logically selected random rate causing interference to be almost completely eliminated, whether it is from the sounders on-board the vessel or from other vessels. These features help detect fish simply and quickly.
Unlike conventional sounders the CVS-841C has the ability to vary the gain of the entire image including previous captured images. This feature allows the user to go back and analyse ground that has already been covered in greater detail including density of fish shoal, activity and even the fish type.
Finding shoals of fish often requires expertise backed by long-term experience.
Koden's unique processing method lets you find those weak "hard to find" echoes by quickly combining high and low echoes at the same time.

Supplied with Power cable and transducer plug although no Pedestal Mount or transducer is included

Installation available locally subject to additional charges - Call for Details

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