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Large crab /lobsters oysters purification holding tanks for sale

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Large crustaceans , Bivalves holding tanks for sale . Would suit a company looking to set up a purification centre in UK. Or large crustaceans export business.
Set up to hold 5.5tons of crab or lobsters
The equipment is designed that you can simply add bins to the system to bring up your volume to 25 tons of crab or 25 tons of cockles etc .bins are designed to stack on top of each other under the shower systems, air systems included ,The system was made as a depuration/ purification system for large volumes of oysters and mussels where you can depurate and de sand cockles scallops razors etc. We have been using this system for crab and lobster exports to Asia, we keep crab and lobster alive for two months.
The system has a 4 meter hight protein skimmer . Large dirt filter. 2 meter Uv light large 2 meter biological filter. This is all professionall specialist equipment. There is water cooling equipment that can take water from 14 degrees to 4 degrees in 8 hours, system has separate electrical boards to run and monitor the system.
Everything can be seen working and training can be provided. 14 tanks provide in sale, I can send a video on WhatsApp to show the scale of this equipment to genuine interested parties. You won't find better then this , delivery can be arranged.
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