UK Commercial Fishing Licences - Over 10m

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Marine Scotland have recently created a single licence category for the over ten metre fleet.Click here for UK fishing licence information.

Over 10 m cat A license

ID: 89668     Posted: 18/09/2017     Whitehaven

GRT: 25 ton     kW: 171 …read on
FQA's and PSL for Sale

ID: 89666     Posted: 18/09/2017     U.K.

GRT: 101     kW: 373 …read on
Cat a

ID: 89610     Posted: 17/09/2017     N Ireland

GRT: 37     kW: 177 …read on
Cat A Licence

ID: 89435     Posted: 07/09/2017     N/a

GRT: 71 tonnes     kW: 179.4kw …read on
Category A with Scallop entitlement

ID: 85815     Posted: 31/08/2017     Cornwall

GRT: 78     kW: 191 …read on
Offers +VAT

ID: 89078     Posted: 26/08/2017     Aberdeen

GRT: 75     kW: 292 …read on
Shellfish Licence

ID: 89037     Posted: 21/08/2017     Scotland

GRT: 10.66 GRT     kW: 11.06 …read on
Cat A Scallop licence 120 gt 600 kw

ID: 88928     Posted: 18/08/2017     Fife

GRT: 120 GT     kW: 600 kw …read on
Offers +VAT
Category B Scallop Licence

ID: 81343     Posted: 18/08/2017     Fife

GRT: 30.0     kW: 221.0 …read on
Offers +VAT
Robinson Crusoe

ID: 74263     Posted: 18/08/2017     Fife

GRT: 126     kW: 530 …read on
Offers +VAT
141.493 VCU Licence

ID: 58675     Posted: 06/08/2017     West Coast Scotland

GRT: 44     kW: 128.00 …read on
Offers +VAT
Robinson Crusoe

ID: 76257     Posted: 07/06/2017     Fife

GRT: 22     kW: 175 …read on
Offers +VAT

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UK over 10m commercial fishing licences for sale. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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