UK Commercial Fishing Licences - Over 10m

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Cat A

ID: 103760     Posted: 02/06/2019     Scotland

GRT: 49     kW: 145 …read on
Category A with Scallop entitlement

ID: 85815     Posted: 22/05/2019     Cornwall

GRT: 78     kW: 191 …read on
Offers +VAT

ID: 75710     Posted: 21/05/2019     Fife

GRT: 30     kW: 104 …read on
Offers +VAT
Over 10 category A licence for sale

ID: 100236     Posted: 07/05/2019     Northern Ireland

GRT: 66     kW: 270 …read on

ID: 103078     Posted: 26/04/2019     Aberdeen

GRT: 149     kW: 247 …read on
Cat A Scallop licence

ID: 101370     Posted: 24/04/2019     Scotland

GRT: 67 GT     kW: 300 …read on
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Cat A tonnage and kw s

ID: 102895     Posted: 17/04/2019     N Ireland

GRT: 23.4     kW: 19 …read on
Over10 metre licence

ID: 102742     Posted: 10/04/2019     Argyll

GRT: 40     kW: 129kW …read on
£160,000 ono
Category B Scallop Licence

ID: 81343     Posted: 08/04/2019     Fife

GRT: 30.0     kW: 221.0 …read on
Offers +VAT
Category A Non Shellfish Kws & GT Tonnage

ID: 102504     Posted: 02/04/2019     Fraserburgh

GRT: 69     kW: 289 …read on
Offers +VAT
Cat A Scallop licence 120 gt 600 kw

ID: 88928     Posted: 26/03/2019     Fife

GRT: 60 GT     kW: 250 kw …read on
Offers +VAT
Wanted Shellfish license or Shellfish TR Tonnage and Kws

ID: 102157     Posted: 16/03/2019     NW

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Cat a with scallops

ID: 101944     Posted: 07/03/2019     N Ireland

GRT: 36     kW: 184 …read on
Offers +VAT
Cat a With Scallop Entitlement for sale

ID: 101913     Posted: 06/03/2019     Scotland

GRT: 15.2     kW: 125 …read on
Cat A With Scallop Entitlement for sale

ID: 101908     Posted: 06/03/2019     Scotland

GRT: 15.31     kW: 105.95 …read on
Robinson Crusoe

ID: 71788     Posted: 25/02/2019     Fife

GRT: 50     kW: 250 …read on
Offers +VAT

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UK over 10m commercial fishing licences for sale. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

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