Licences wanted

Commercial fishing licences wanted. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

Wanted over 10 with shellfish

ID: 83410     Posted: 12/02/2017     Scotland

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on

ID: 84229     Posted: 07/02/2017     Fife

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Over 10 Meter license wanted

ID: 84128     Posted: 04/02/2017     Cumbria

GRT: 20+     kW: 120+ …read on
Wanted 18.40 kW Top up

ID: 84082     Posted: 01/02/2017     Dartmouth

GRT:     kW: 18.40 kW …read on
Cat A Under 10 mtr licence, approx 55kw - 65kw wanted

ID: 83948     Posted: 26/01/2017     Wales

GRT: 4 -- 6 tons     kW: 55 - 65 kw …read on
spare units wanted

ID: 83666     Posted: 13/01/2017     Gardenstown

GRT: .74 tons     kW: 5.33kw …read on
license required

ID: 83055     Posted: 04/01/2017     Coleraine

GRT: 6.8 tonnes     kW: 53 kw …read on
44 kw and 2.8 ton license wanted preferable rod and line with bass track record

ID: 83233     Posted: 19/12/2016     Hastings

GRT: 2.8     kW: 44 …read on
under 10 meter

ID: 82771     Posted: 23/11/2016     Portsmouth

GRT: 4.82     kW: 56 …read on
kw wanted

ID: 82541     Posted: 12/11/2016     Anywhere UK

GRT:     kW: 97 …read on
cat a shellfish licence wanted

ID: 82124     Posted: 22/10/2016     Scotland

GRT: 5.42     kW: 58 …read on

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it. Also, consider using a safe payment system such as an escrow service, or PayPal's Pay After Delivery (PAD).
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