Wanted UK fishing Licences

Commercial fishing licences wanted. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

Over 10 metre bare tonnage wanted

ID: 91364     Posted: 05/12/2017     Anglesey

GRT:     kW: …read on

ID: 84229     Posted: 30/11/2017     Fife

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Shellfish kw. Wanted wanted

ID: 90034     Posted: 12/11/2017     UK

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Over 10 Mtr license with Shellfish

ID: 90853     Posted: 10/11/2017     UK

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Cat A Under 10 meter with shellfish

ID: 90752     Posted: 05/11/2017     Scotland

GRT: 4     kW: any from 80 to 170 …read on
Over 10 M with shellfish wanted

ID: 90698     Posted: 02/11/2017     Wales

GRT: 50     kW: 195 …read on
Shellfish licence 175kw and 4 gt wanted

ID: 89947     Posted: 30/09/2017     New Build

GRT: 4     kW: 175 …read on
Under 10m uncapped + Shellfish

ID: 89828     Posted: 26/09/2017     Hartlepool

GRT: 2.37     kW: 125.00 …read on
6kw shellfish and whitefish uncapped

ID: 89258     Posted: 31/08/2017     Poole

GRT:     kW: 5.68 …read on
Cat A 8-10 mtr licence

ID: 89223     Posted: 29/08/2017     Pwllheli

GRT: O -10     kW: 41 …read on
Scallop tonnage wanted

ID: 88938     Posted: 18/08/2017     London

GRT: 115     kW: 221 …read on
Cat A (Over 10) KW's Wanted

ID: 88816     Posted: 14/08/2017     Co. Down

GRT:     kW: 170 …read on
Under Ten metre with shellfish wanted.

ID: 88602     Posted: 05/08/2017     Cullen

GRT: 8.62     kW: 115.58 …read on
42kw 1.4 tone

ID: 41498     Posted: 01/08/2017     Inverness

GRT: 0     kW: 6 …read on
Wanted Basic Cat A license

ID: 88337     Posted: 25/07/2017     Scotland

GRT:     kW: …read on

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