Wanted UK fishing Licences

Commercial fishing licences wanted. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

Wanted under 10 none shellfish 1.78ton 84.5kw

ID: 96213     Posted: 19/06/2018     Anywhere

GRT: 1.78     kW: 84.5 …read on
Under 10 mtr Licence

ID: 95928     Posted: 10/06/2018     Northeast

GRT: 8.6     kW: 186 …read on
Cat a lic

ID: 95695     Posted: 31/05/2018     Scotland

GRT:     kW: …read on
Over 10 cat a with scallops

ID: 95693     Posted: 30/05/2018     Anywhere

GRT: 4.8     kW: 18 …read on
WANTED category A tonnage with shellfish over 10mtr

ID: 95649     Posted: 29/05/2018     East Coast

GRT: 60ton     kW: …read on
Over 10m with shellfish

ID: 95089     Posted: 06/05/2018     Western Isles

GRT: 9     kW: 162 …read on
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Over 10m Cat A, B or C Licence Wanted.

ID: 94918     Posted: 30/04/2018     Any UK

GRT: 11     kW: 100 …read on
Wanted over 10m Cat A with shellfish

ID: 94859     Posted: 27/04/2018     UK

GRT: 50     kW: 300 …read on
Wanted under 8m licence

ID: 94671     Posted: 18/04/2018     Gt Yarmouth

GRT: 1.76 ton     kW: 22 .00 kw …read on
Wanted under 10 with shellfish 140kw

ID: 94469     Posted: 11/04/2018     Scotland

GRT: 7 - 10     kW: 140 …read on
License with shellfish over 10. (Whole or willing to buy kw and tonnage)

ID: 94098     Posted: 28/03/2018     UK

GRT: 23.93     kW: 215 …read on
Wanted small cat a licence with shellfish

ID: 94078     Posted: 27/03/2018     Devon

GRT: 1.8     kW: 9.5 …read on
Cat 'a' with shellfish entitlement

ID: 93871     Posted: 19/03/2018     North East

GRT: 18 ton     kW: 80 kw …read on
Cat A Over 10, 3 Ton

ID: 93776     Posted: 16/03/2018     West Coast

GRT: 3     kW: …read on
Under 10 Cat A with Full Shellfish

ID: 93564     Posted: 09/03/2018     Devon

GRT: 07-10     kW: 10-80 …read on
Shellfish kw. Wanted wanted

ID: 90034     Posted: 08/03/2018     UK

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Wanted Cat A tonnage 20 tonnes

ID: 93376     Posted: 03/03/2018     Portavogie

GRT:     kW: …read on
Wanted Under 10M Licence

ID: 93153     Posted: 21/02/2018     Plymouth

GRT: 16.5     kW: 162 …read on
Over 10m with shellfish required

ID: 93033     Posted: 16/02/2018     Inverness

GRT: 11.7     kW: 112 …read on
Wanted over 10m Cat A with shellfish

ID: 93027     Posted: 16/02/2018     Southwest

GRT: 30.57     kW: 187 optional upto 231kw …read on
Over 10m Cat A Licence wanted 50ton/kW164 (with or without shellfish)

ID: 92840     Posted: 09/02/2018     Barrow-in-furness

GRT: 50     kW: 164 …read on

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