Wanted UK fishing Licences

Commercial fishing licences wanted. Click here for UK fishing licence information.

Cat A _ Under 8m Uncapped UK License Wanted.

ID: 101378     Posted: 13/02/2019     Wales

GRT: 0 .89     kW: 14.7 …read on
Over 10m licence wanted for Boat

ID: 101307     Posted: 10/02/2019     Scotland

GRT: 15-20     kW: 130 …read on
Under 10 cat A uncapped none shellfish

ID: 101304     Posted: 10/02/2019     Anywere

GRT: 9     kW: 112 …read on

ID: 101257     Posted: 08/02/2019     N.wales

GRT: 15 grt     kW: 75 …read on
Under 10m with shellfish

ID: 101232     Posted: 07/02/2019     Barrow

GRT: 1.37     kW: 22 …read on
Wanted. CAT A under 10. Kw and GRT

ID: 101055     Posted: 30/01/2019     Torquay

GRT:     kW: …read on
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Looking a shellfish entitlement liscence

ID: 101049     Posted: 30/01/2019     Newcastle

GRT: 0.8     kW: 7.3kw …read on

ID: 84229     Posted: 22/01/2019     Fife

GRT: Any     kW: Any …read on
Scallop licence

ID: 100735     Posted: 17/01/2019     Highlands

GRT: 39     kW: 171 …read on
Over 10meter with shellfish

ID: 100707     Posted: 16/01/2019     Blyth

GRT:     kW: …read on

ID: 100372     Posted: 02/01/2019     Highland

GRT: 9     kW: 47 …read on
Over 10 meter with Shellfish up to 12ton and 200kw

ID: 100054     Posted: 10/12/2018     Scotland

GRT: Anything up to 12     kW: Anything up to 200 …read on

ID: 100011     Posted: 07/12/2018     Wales

GRT: 4     kW: 34 …read on
Shellfish licence tonnage and Kw wanted

ID: 99575     Posted: 19/11/2018     Any

GRT: Any 40+ ideal     kW: Any 250+ ideal …read on
Over 10 meter licences wanted 400 kw 120 gross tonage

ID: 99405     Posted: 11/11/2018     Fraserburgh

GRT: 120     kW: 400 …read on
Licence wanted

ID: 99347     Posted: 08/11/2018     Scotland

GRT: 0.95     kW: 7.4 …read on
under 10m unshellfish kwts wanted

ID: 99225     Posted: 04/11/2018     Anywhere

GRT: Any     kW: Any amount …read on
Wanted under 10 meter uncapped with shellfish licence

ID: 99082     Posted: 26/10/2018     Plymouth

GRT: 1.2 to 1.6     kW: 37 …read on
over 10m kw wanted

ID: 98887     Posted: 16/10/2018     Lincolnshire

GRT:     kW: 40 …read on

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