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For Sale:
Nelson 34
Build Year:
Mainly Used For:


Length (metres):
Beam (metres):
Draft (metres):
Twin Perkins 6354 turbo 145 hp
De rated to 120 hp each
Rebuilt 2008
Hydraulic steering
Two garmins
Fish finder
Other information:
Willing to drop to £18000 to get moving into next boat

Engine oil and filters changed also gearbox oil changed. Ready for the sea or Lough's.

Keen seller as have new boat to move on with.

Propellors have been rebalanced and pitched.

New addition of 324 litres of diesel has been added this week bringing the total diesel tanks to 724 litres

Mainly preventive maintenance been carried out

Starboard side injectors reconditioned this winter. Port where done last year along with injector pump.

Port side cutlass bearing has been removed from the p bracket and replaced for new.

Starboard gearbox has been removed. New oil pump has been fitted and gearbox repainted.

Currently the d fender has been removed for replacing the iroko timber behind. This is now completed and replaced.

FML 7748
nelson 34.

New canopy last year.

Would exchange for a nelson 40 /42

4 new windows in the main cabin. No leaks on any cabins or windows.

Diesel air heater also fitted.

Many upgrades and changes over the last winter.

All new anodes. Rudders replaced last year. List goes on.

Twin fuel tanks 200 litres each
Plus 324 new tanks total 724 litres.
Water 70 litres.

Sink and 3 hob burner with grill

Cruises at 14 knots @ 1700 revs just under 15 litres an hour an engine
Max around 21 knots

We take her to Scotland and Isle of Man ever year.

Good sized heads with powered toilet.

This boat has exceptional history.

34ft Fast Motor Launch Mk8 7748

Fast Motor Launch (FML) 7748 was the twenty-first of 22 Mk8 34ft FMLs to be ordered for service with the Royal Navy, and the fifth of 6 Mk8s to be built by Anderson, Rigden and Perkins of Whitstable, Kent.

FML 7748 was completed on 24th July 1978, and was first allocated to the aircraft carrier HMS INVINCIBLE.

She was with HMS INVINCIBLE until June 1986, when she was transferred to Devonport Boathouse. The FML was refitted whilst the carrier was also under refit. FML 7748 was returned to HMS INVINCIBLE in January 1989.

FML 7748 was again listed as being with HMS INVINCIBLE in January 1990 through to July 1991, when she was loaned to the Disposals and Reserve Ships Organisation (DRSO) at Portsmouth.

During December 1991, FML 7748 went into the Boathouse at Portsmouth for repair. On completion, she was issued to Ships Reserve.

By January 1993, she was held at Portsmouth Naval Base as the Director-General Ships Repair (DGSR) in-reserve spare.

During January 1995, FML 7748 was issued to the aircraft carrier HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, relieving 34ft FML Mk10 7933.

FML 7748 was still on HMS ILLUSTRIOUS in June 2000.

She was subsequently listed as being with Vosper Thornycroft shipbuilders. FML 7748 was then offered for sale through Babcock Disposals Limited on 19th October 2002, and was recorded as sold on 24th October 2002.

The Service career of FML 7748 can be summarised as:

1978 ​Completed 24th July 1978
1979 - 1986​HMS INVINCIBLE, including service during the 1982 Falklands War
1986 - 1989 ​Refit and storage at Devonport
1989 - 1991 ​HMS INVINCIBLE
1991 - 1995 ​Refit and storage at Portsmouth. Held as the 'in reserve spare' boat
1995 - 2002 ​HMS ILLUSTRIOUS
2002 ​Vosper Thornycroft shipbuilders, then to Portland for disposal

She therefore spent 9 years on HMS INVINCIBLE, and 7 years on HMS ILLUSTRIOUS. She was the only FML to serve at sea on a warship during the Falklands War, and the last FML Mk8 to serve at sea on a warship.

Historical summary at: 16th December 2017.
7748 34ft FML Mk8 history v1

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