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Type 14vf

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Nets, doors, clump and sweeps

Fraserbrugh And…

Ross Skinner [Trade]

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2 hopper nets suitable for fish prawns and squid, 55 ft heavy hoppers 14&12 disca/ 98 ft overall, newly rigged with new fish 120mm Cod ends and heavy bag. Shot 3 times since done up.
2 prawn / fish scrapper nets, v good condition, 160ft 6,8,10 discs, 185ft total ground gear.
All nets with new split sweeps to match. All nets ready to shoot
Thyboron type 16, 2.50 m2 including the fins 2.65m2 on 600 kgs
Thyboron 2,75 m2 type 14vf doors on 600 kgs with a top fin 2.95m2 Roller clump over 1 ton, I think 1.2 ton total with chains. All rigged with simrad door pockets. Set scanmar door pockets for round sensors new.
Gear would 20-24m twin rig boat with 500+ hp. Also power block and crane will send photos.
Clearing out store so if you need anything I might have it, hoppers ,rubbers, wire sweeps, patching etc.

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