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SNS01 Net Stacker and Flake

For Sale:

New SOLENT Net Stacker

Chichester, West…
£2,595 +VAT

Lucy Middleton [Trade]
01243 512113

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SOLENT SNS01 Net Stacker and Flaker. This unit has fully adjustable spreader hoop, adjustable fairlead, Stainless Steel sprung arms for reliabilty over rubber or bungie cord. universal overhead mounting. Trailing tyres easy and cost effective to replace and run on bearing hubs. as you can see built with upmost quality, the chassis is rigidly built with no flex that can cause fatigue. and all stainless tube work is polished so no burrs or poor welds for the meshes to catch on.Only weighing 45kg! We can supply Davits and Gantrys to suit. Call Lucy for details or locations throughout Uk, Scotland, Ireland and Norway to view Units. Solent have just delivered 12 of these units to Hastings beach complete with gantries showing their popularity

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