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17 Mar 2019
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Well done Wales grand slam winners
16 Mar 2019

Wales win grand slam

NE inshore fisheries group news
30 Nov 2018
Static gear fishermen North East and North Coast Scotland

Dear All, If you are a static gear fisherman working within 0-6nm off the North and East coast of Scotland, you can directly influence if and what management measures are recommended to Scottish Ministers and Marine Scotland by participating in this questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/HuQkyZIxprNdG1672

The topics covered by the questionnaire are matters that have been raised at previous North & East Coast Region, Inshore Fisheries Group (NECRIFG) meetings but produced no specific recommendations for action - much to the frustration of people who feel action is long over due. Of course, it may be that action is not called for when we hear from a wider audience. We appreciate these topics divide opinion which is why it has been difficult for representatives to arrive at a consensus so far and why we need to hear from you now. Please tell all your colleagues about this questionnaire so we can get as many opinions as possible.

Fishermen who participated in the test meetings in Eyemouth, Peterhead and Whitehills are welcome to also participate in this questionnaire which has been amended following feedback; your previous answers will be recorded separately.

Kind Regards

Iain Maddox Chairman North & East Coast Region, Inshore Fisheries Group 07557 390115 NECRIFG is a non statutory body that aims to improve the management of Scotland’s inshore fisheries between 0-6nm and to give commercial inshore fishermen a strong voice in wider marine management developments. Click http://ifgs.org.uk/rifg_nec/ for more information and previous minutes.

Fishing quota the Guardian newspaper
17 Oct 2018
Read the Guardian newspaper article on brexit

Guardian labels brexit promises to fishermen a red herring

You can influence fisheries management in North and East Scotland !
12 Sep 2018
Do you work out of the north East of Scotland ?

Are you a static gear commercial inshore fisherman working out of an East or North coast of Scotland harbour and want to directly influence future fisheries management measures for static gear within 0-6nm?

The Chairman of the North & East Coast Regional Inshore Fishing Group (NECRIFG) is recruiting for their Static Gear Work Group to discuss the case for and against landing berried hen lobsters, mandatory escape panels, use of parlour creels, v-notching, effort control, soak times, illegal fishing etc. What do you think needs to be added to this list?

These are all potentially contentious issues which means NECRIFG needs to hear from as many of our static gear fishermen as possible to get a balanced view. If you wish to contribute to the NECRIFG Static Gear Work Group, please emailMaddox.iain@gmail.comto register.

How does the NECRIFG Static Gear Work Group work? Firstly, you will receive a questionnaire by email (in October) for you to consider and reply to. There may be supplementary questions depending on the replies received. All the replies will be collated and the initial findings circulated to participants for further comment. A formal report will then be submitted for discussion by the NECRIFG at their next meeting on 18th January 2019 in Perth. Where there is a consensus, formal Recommendations will be made to Marine Scotland and Scottish Ministers for actioning. Outcomes will vary from new legislation, technical measures, new guidelines and such like, as appropriate.

Participants in the NECRIFG Static Gear Work Group who have not attended a NECRIFG meeting before, will be welcome to attend the January meeting or just contribute by email if preferred. Be part of the solution and email maddox.iain@gmail.com to register now.

Iain Maddox Chairman North & East Coast Region, Inshore Fisheries Group 07557 390115 Click on this link http://ifgs.org.uk/rifg_nec/ for previous meetings minutes, news and information.

The governments white paper on sustainable fisheries consultation document
05 Sep 2018
Sustainable fisheries consultation document

To read the white paper follow this link

To add your comments follow this link

Consultation closes on 12 th sept so not much time

Post-Brexit fishing plans to be set out by UK government
04 Jul 2018
Governmnents Post brexit fishing plans

Post-Brexit fishing plans to be set out by UK government

Aberdeen 2019
12 Jun 2018
Aberdeen 2019

Welcome to Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2019

Now in its 9th year, Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen is Scotland’s flagship fisheries show that attracts large numbers of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

The show was founded by Mara Media, a publishing and event management company based in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Mara Media publishes the widely respected ‘The Skipper’ magazine, a monthly publication for the Irish and UK fishing industries. Mara Media had already established Skipper Expo Int. Galway in Ireland back in 2005, and following the success of that event, decided that the Scottish fishing sector would also benefit from an all-encompassing annual fisheries exhibition, which led to their decision to create the Aberdeen show in 2011.

The expo, which is held annually at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, has been so successful that the number of exhibitors has more than doubled since its inception, with there being a truly international flavour. For example, at Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2018, there were around 210 exhibitors from 20 different countries.

The success of the show can be attributed to the fact that the expo is a great place to do business, as well as being the ideal venue for the fishing industry to network and socialise.

Such success is confirmed by the universally positive testimonials from exhibitors and visitors alike. The team at Mara Media has the philosophy of continually consulting with exhibitors and visitors to ensure the show fully meets their requirements.

Huge herring spawning grounds off Gairloch
27 Mar 2018
Herring spawning grounds found

Huge herring spawning grounds found read more

Tips on buying or selling a boat
29 Mar 2017
How to sell or buy succesfully on FAFB

read full article click here

18 Mar 2017
two year project underway

A collaborative, 2 year project is underway in Northern Ireland with a programme of work involving the design, trialling and implementation of fishing gear with increased selectivity
read more

get your free copy of Quay issues from Seafish
06 Mar 2017
Quay issues

Quay Issues is a FREE magazine for the fishing industry and tells some of the stories unearthed during the Seafish annual Fleet Survey.

get your free copy here

New government rules issued on bass fishing
21 Feb 2017
Free magazine from Seafish
19 Feb 2017
Get the new quayissues magazine now for free

Quay issues free magazine from seafish click here

By 2019 the disposal of fish at sea will be banned
27 Jan 2017
BBC Article

The fishing industry has been opposed to the "inflexible" way in which the discard ban has been implemented under the Common Fisheries Policy. They say the regulations are the problem rather than monitoring.

Chief Executive of the Scottish Fisherermen's Federation Bertie Armstrong said: "Everybody's on the same side with reducing discards as far as physically possible it's just a question of getting the rules right which is a work in progress. "Cameras, frankly, are a little side show and the presence of absence of them will not solve of fail to solve the problem." Quota incentives for other species still exist under the scheme even though the incentive for North Sea cod has ended. By 2019, the disposal of all fish at sea will be banned. READ BBC Article

New static gear Consultation
10 Jan 2017

NEW STATIC GEAR MARKING CONSULTATION: Following discussions about spatial and gear conflict by inshore fishermen's association representatives at Regional IFG (Inshore Fisheries Group) meetings plus follow-up workshops, new static gear marking proposals are now open for consultation. All inshore fishermen and associations throughout Scotland are encouraged to participate in a new consultation by 3rd February 2017 latest, regards proposals on static gear marking.

Click this link then scroll down to ‘Begin Consultation’, then click each ‘Draft Proposal’ box in turn to reveal the content.

Fisheries research pamphlets
03 Dec 2016
Fisheries reasearch

[Scottish Fisheries Information Pamphlet No. 25 2004] (http://www.gov.scot/uploads/documents/fishing%20gear.pdf)

Covers most common types of commercial fishing

Fishtubs are eligible for EMFF grant funding
09 Sep 2016
EMFF Funded DRAWM Fishtubs

DRAWM Fishtubs aboard the LILY LOLA

DRAWM Fishtubs General Manager Kieran Ward commented ahead of the Skipper exhibition in Bournemouth, “It’s great to hear that the DRAWM fishtubs are proving such a huge success in the industry. The quality of the tubs is driving repeat sales and customers continue to be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices”. Its also great to see the fishermen getting EMFF grant funding for fishtubs and other items. That’s what it is there for.”

Paul Fitch, skipper of the LILY LOLA from Harwich in England received 80% funding under the grant scheme through the MMO. “I got a 310Ltr and two of the 100Ltr hinged lid tubs from DRAWM Fishtubs. I use them for keeping the fish fresh with slush ice and also for keeping ice. Because my boat is Under 12 metres and I don’t tow any static gear, I was eligible for the higher rate of funding. Well pleased”

Shetland Fisherman, Kevin Sutherland CONCORD applied for funding through Marine Scotland. “I needed 4 off 310Ltr fishtubs for my boat. I was aware that fishtubs are eligible for EMFF grant funding so I phoned Kieran Ward at DRAWM Fishtubs and got some information as to how to apply. I applied in June and received approval for 80% funding in August. There is a bit of work to do to supply all the information for the application, but overall I think it is worth it” Insulated fishtubs are recognised to contribute towards improving quality and are eligible for European Maritime Fisheries Funding (EMFF). Contact: Website; EMail: sales@drawm.com; Tel: 02838 570001

Best coastal marine conservation
05 Sep 2016

Making news in today's Daily I is the findings from World Atlas regarding global marine conservation. With pollution of the seas being a major contributor to the negative impact on marine life a big effort is being made to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of our seas. Marine ecosystems rely on a delicate balance between the natural world and the industries that make a living from the seas; sadly the two are not always in harmony and the results can have a devastating impact on the environment. Fish, in particular, are highly susceptible to water pollution and contaminants in the sea can radically alter fish stocks as a result of adverse impacts on breeding and fatalities. However, it is the overall picture of marine health that matters and it's interesting to see just how the geography stacks up with respect to coastal conservation.

World Atlas conducted a survey of countries across the globe to assess the action being taken to preserve their coastal waters and the findings make for interesting reading. Of the top twelve countries listed, the UK is notably absent but eight of our European counterparts come out very well, including France, Norway and Germany. Clearly there are discrepancies to be held into account with the amount of coastline required to be under protection with Norway having 25,148km and Germany having just one tenth of that figure.

The list below shows the country followed by the proportion of its coastline that is under protection:

  1. Monaco (100%)
  2. Slovenia (985%)
  3. Ecuador (75.7%)
  4. Germany (64.8%)
  5. France (62.9%)
  6. Norway (60.7%)
  7. The Netherlands (57.7%)
  8. New Caledonia (56.6%)
  9. Belgium (56.1%)
  10. Poland (52.7%)
  11. Australia (48.5%)
  12. Guinea-Bissau (45.9%)

The headlines look good for Australia but there is clearly more work to be done both across Europe and beyond to tackle the concerns of coastal conservation.

Trondheim Norfishing Fair
16 Aug 2016
Trondheim Fishing Fair

16 th to 19th August

The fair Since 1960, Nor-Fishing has been an important national and international meeting place for the fisheries industry. Today it is one of the largest fisheries technology exhibitions in the world. In recent years, the exhibition has drawn around 15 000 visitors from about 50 countries. Innovations of importance to all sectors of the industry are presented here.

click here

FAFB is visiting Norway from 12th -20th August
12 Aug 2016

FAFB kommer til Norge neste uke! For å få en gratis annonse mens vi er der, send epost til dave@findafishingboat.com

LOTHIAN And BERWICKSHIRE fishermens views sought
06 Aug 2016
Lothian and Berwickshire Fishermen

PRESS RELEASE Lothians and Berwickshire fishermen’s views sought Following representations by local fishermen to the Regional Inshore Fisheries Group (RIFG), a subgroup has been set up for licenced fishermen working out of Lothians and Berwickshire harbours. RIFG Chairman Iain Maddox agreed to set up the subgroup to enable fishermen to take greater responsibility for the management and conservation of their fishery and address any issues concerning local fishermen. A set up meeting was held in Dunbar on 27th July 2016 and well attended by representatives from both fishermen’s associations and non-affiliated fishermen encompassing Eyemouth, Cove, Dunbar, North Berwick, Cockenzie and Port Seton harbours. Nonetheless, Mr Maddox is keen to hear from any other associations or individuals who fish the Firth of Forth and invite them to participate in the consultation process. He can be contacted via email at maddox.iain@gmail.com or by telephoning 07557 390115. After a general discussion, it was agreed by the attendees at the RIFG subgroup set-up meeting that sustainable fishing was critical to the future of the inshore fleet and local fishing communities. Whilst there are no immediate concerns about stocks it was noted by the fishermen’s representatives that there had been an increase in fishing effort over recent years by both mobile and static gear fishermen and that may become an issue in future. Accordingly, a proactive approach was proposed with agreement amongst boat owners sought on limiting the number of creels for lobster fishing to 300 per man; that there should be a blanket ban on landing berried hen lobsters; that twin-rig prawn trawlers should be required to single-rig in the fishery using a cod end of 5mm single twine with 80mm mesh size and a 160mm lifting bag. These proposals are designed to protect stocks long term as well as the viability of all the vessels working the area. Explaining the rationale behind these proposals Mr Maddox stated “The representatives who attended the recent meetings are inviting their colleagues to enter into discussions about these proposals and work out solutions that will benefit the fishing community as a whole”. The next meeting for the Lothians and Berwickshire RIFG subgroup will be 3pm on Wednesday 7th September at McArthur Stores, Cromwell Harbour, Dunbar. End.

**Press release on Trawling in Moray Firth**
05 Aug 2016
Press release from NE fisheries

PRESS RELEASE Fishermen’s views sought on prawn trawling in the Inner Moray Firth Following two meetings in Burghead in June and July, a proposal has been formulated by fishermen’s representatives that would require twin rigged prawn trawlers operating west of a line drawn between Lothbeg Point and Burghead to have a cod end of 5mm single twine, no less than 100mm mesh with a lifting bag no less than 200mm. Additionally, it is proposed only vessels less than 300HP may be permitted to operate in this area. This proposal is designed to protect stocks as well as the viability of the smaller vessels based in the area. The meetings in Burghead were arranged following representation to the Regional Inshore Fisheries Group (RIFG) that a similar voluntary agreement had broken down and needed to be re-established. RIFG Chairman Iain Maddox agreed to set up a RIFG subgroup to address this and any other issues concerning the inshore fishermen operating in the fishery. Explaining the rationale behind the proposal to limit the fishery to single rigging, Mr Maddox stated “The representatives who have attended the recent meetings consider the new rules allowing the set-up of RIFG subgroups as an opportunity to take more responsibility for the management of their local fishery in the best interests of stock sustainability and business stability”. Following discussions why the initial agreement had broken down it was agreed to reach out to every boat owner who may have an interest in the future management and conservation of the Inner Moray Firth fishery to seek their engagement in the ongoing discussions. To date, the meetings in Burghead were well attended by representatives of the Moray Firth Inshore Fishermen’s Association, the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, the Mallaig and North West Fishermen’s Association plus non-affiliated fishermen from various harbours such as Burghead, Buckie and Lossiemouth. Nonetheless, Mr Maddox is keen to hear from any other associations or individuals who fish the Inner Moray Firth and invite them to participate in the ongoing discussions about managing the fishery and help finalise the single rig proposal in particular. He can be contacted via email at maddox.iain@gmail.com or by telephoning 07557 390115. The date of the next meeting is 12th August 2016, 1pm at Burghead harbour office. End.

Government announce £90 million pound boost for UK Coastal communities
01 Jun 2016
Government Cash to boost UK coastal areas

Businesses and communities across the Great British Coast could be sailing towards a cash windfall, ministers announced today (23 May 2016).

Creative coastal entrepreneurs can from today bid for a share of £90 million government funding available UK-wide over the next 4 years to support their plans to reel in jobs and revitalise our much-loved seaside areas.

This latest cash boost for coastal communities is all part of the government’s efforts to rebalance the economy and help all areas of the country thrive.

Full details click here

Seawork International June 14 -16 2016
20 May 2016
Europes largest commercial and marine workboat exhibition

Seawork International is Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition. Seawork is regarded as the industry’s one-stop-shop, providing buyers, legislators and influencers with direct access to the commercial marine and workboat market, its products, its innovations and its people, for three invaluable days every June. Since 1998 Seawork International has delivered a unique on-shore and on-water trade exhibition. Nowadays, Seawork comprises an exhibition, conference and awards, attracting 7,500 industry professionals, 10,000 products and services, together with over 70 vessels. Seawork International will return 14-16 June 2016 at its new permanent home at the prestigious Mayflower Park in Southampton, UK. visit the seawork website

Sustainable Aquaculture Course: £500 bursary available now
10 May 2016

Aquaculture is a diversely popular industry which addresses the environmental sustainability and socio-economic factors associated with breeding, rearing and harvesting marine life. With changes in technology, climate and politics the field of aquaculture is a dynamic and popular subject for studies and the demand for skilled and highly-trained individuals is high. When you add the fact that this demand is expected to grow by 8% per year over the next decade, there has never been a better time to access this field.

Aiming to meet this predicted demand, the University of St Andrews in association with Fish Vet Group and TheFishSite are offering distance learning courses supported with online learning to allow students to access a route to achieving either an undergraduate certificate or postgraduate certificate or diploma in Sustainable Aquaculture.

What's more, AquacultureUK is offering a free £500 bursary for course starting in May 2016.

This offer, to coincide with the AquacultureUK 2016 exhibition and conference being held in Aviemore, Scotland over the 25th and 26th May 2016, should appeal to anyone who:

  • does not already have a degree in a biological subject but who wishes to study sustainable aquaculture;
  • is seeking, or wishing to develop, a career in the aquaculture industry but has no relevant qualifications;
  • is working in the industry and wishes to obtain professional qualifications.

The course takes 40 weeks with students expected to spend around five hours per week to complete their studies. Module 1 will cover 'The global aquaculture industry', Module 2: 'Fish and Invertebrate Biology' and Module 3: 'Aquaculture: Products and markets'.

The total cost of the course is £3,995 less the cost of the bursary on offer above.

For further details, visit the official website here.

Sea Source calls for private investment in Kilkeel harbour, NI
01 May 2016

With Kilkeel harbour thriving in recent years, Sea Source (the fishing collective for Anglo North Irish) has called for private investors to expand the port.

The company, which currently operates from Kilkeel, already runs a profitable fishing fleet and is, itself, investing in a multimillion-pound vessel. The ship will be too large to dock in the current harbour and Sea Source CEO, Alen McCulla, is keen that Kilkeel remains at the centre of the growth in this sector. Commenting on the urgent need for growth, McCulla said: "Unless we grow our port, we will miss out on the future investment which is about to take place here. "The risk is that other ports in the Irish Sea basin could benefit from our success if we don't expand."

The company, already thriving with the renaissance of the fishing markets, is looking to expand its operations to include offshore marine developments and capitalize on the fleet of specialist vessels and local crews who can offer their skills in the renewable energy field.

The harbour is one of the top three landing locations in the UK and Ireland for langoustine and is already benefitting from healthy investment but further expansion would add to the 800 jobs which Kilkeel supports.

Advert of the week: Native Marine Centre looking for lumpfish spawn
12 Apr 2016
Opportunity for fishermen

FAFB works with many advertisers across the UK, Europe and Australia and is always keen to promote the services of marine businesses, keen enthusiasts and researchers.

Each week we will be highlighting our favourite adverts posted online and this week we are pleased to draw attention to the work of the Native Marine Centre.

Specialising in the collection of wild marine species for research and education purposes, Native Marine Centre are currently working on a project in collaboration with Marine Harvest and are making an appeal for fishermen to help with the collection of one particular species: the lumpfish.

Initially offering good remuneration for fertilized eggs, there is also a market for both fertile males (red in colour) and egg bearing females.

For further details, including pictures of how to identify the species, visit the following link.

Buying or selling a Second hand Boat? consider adding a warranty
07 Jul 2015
Have you Considered if a parts and machinery warranty would be good for you

Second hand Boat buyers can now buy a simple warranty on the boats parts and machinery .this could provide useful peace of mind especially in the early days getting to know your new boat

Second hand Boat Sellers can now easily add a simple warranty when selling a boat this could make your boat a more attractive to a buyer , and give the buyer peace of mind in the early stages of owning a new boat

Boats and yachts warranty can offer you a quick on line quote

to find out if this might suit your needs

Click here to get your warranty quote today

Keels on Wheels- Buy the book here
19 Jul 2013


Get the ‘lowdown’ on moving boats by road.

Boat owners are a fascinating and varied group of individuals. This delightful book describes the workings of a boat transportation business - based on over twenty five years of experience.

Always interesting, often comic and sometimes bizarre, the stories make fascinating reading.

Sketches by Rob Moehr illustrate many of the scenes.

If you’re into boats and boating this is a ‘must read’ for you!

Salmon Fishing in South Western Australia
01 Apr 2013
Fisheries in New South Wales, Australia
27 Mar 2013
Fishing update from Victoria, Australia
22 Mar 2013
Tuna cowboys in Southern Ocean
08 Mar 2013
Read this article about our tour of the ports of South Australia and watch the award winning video of the tuna cowboys in action.

Click here to read the Tuna Cowboys article

Abalone Fishing WA
11 Feb 2013
Check emails in your FAFB account
04 Dec 2012

Advertisers can now check any emails that have been sent to an FAFB advert.

Log in to your account, open MyFAFB and click “Ad Enquiries”.

All enquiries to live adverts sent through the contact form will be listed, showing ID number of your advert and the contact details of the person making the enquiry, as well as a copy of the actual enquiry.

This is useful if your email settings are putting some of your emails into your spam folder, or if you can't access your own email system for any reason.

Dont send money to anyone you can't verify
05 Aug 2012

Despite having warnings posted all through our website stating clearly that:

You should not send money to anyone that you can't verify as genuine

sadly, I'm still getting emails from people who are ignoring this advice.

Scammers and petty thieves are are out there and, yes, they sound genuine on the phone. That's how they are able to operate.

There is very little point telling us that you have ignored our advice and have now lost money.


Video links on FAFB
25 Jan 2012

On findafishingboat.com you can now enhance your advert by adding a video to any paid advert.

Simply upload your short video to youtube, copy and paste the link into your advert then save. Video must be relevant to the boat or product being sold.