Why are countries laying claim to the deep-sea floor?
22 Jun 2017
WHO Is claiming the deep sea floor

Why are countries laying claim to the deep-sea floor? Read the article here

The UK seafood industry calls on more female talent to join the sector
15 Jun 2017
encouraging women into the seafood industry

15th June 2017 The UK seafood industry calls on more female talent to join the sector

· More than three quarters (77 per cent) of people already in the UK seafood industry would actively encourage more women to think about a career in the sector

· Two thirds (67 per cent) of those working in the UK seafood industry say the industry could do more to attract female talent

· Just under a third (30 per cent) of UK respondents said they had encountered gender bias

· Nearly half (48 per cent) said the UK industry is perceived as male-dominated and that this is discouraging women taking up roles.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) of people currently working across the UK seafood industry would actively encourage more women to join the sector, according to a new survey by Seafish, the UK industry authority on seafood and IntraFish Media.

Those that advocate seeking out a career in the industry said that they find the work engaging and challenging (90 per cent).

The research highlighted that the UK seafood sector believes women are underrepresented across the sector. The majority of respondents (68 per cent) said that when they go to business meetings or industry networking events, women only make up less than 20 per cent of the total number of attendees. As a result, two thirds (67 per cent) feel that the UK industry could do more to encourage women to take up the career opportunities the seafood sector offers.

Almost half (46 per cent) said that they thought more women would seek a career in the industry if there was a greater understanding of the opportunities available and two fifths (39 per cent) said a clearer progression into senior roles would be a greater draw for female applicants. Almost a third (30 per cent) felt that support through a mentoring or networking group would also help encourage more women into the industry. The research, carried out by Seafish and IntraFish, canvassed those working across the UK seafood supply chain, with a focus on women, to find out their views on gender diversity and potential barriers for women joining the industry. This was part of a wider ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the issue and attract more women to the sector.

The survey found that gender bias remains a common issue in the industry, with nearly a third (30 per cent) of respondents having encountered it in some form during their career. Nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents said they felt women are discouraged from joining the industry because it is perceived to be male dominated.

Mel Groundsell, Corporate Relations Director at Seafish, said: “We know that gender balance is good for business. According to Lord Davies’ ‘Women on Boards Report’, companies with more women on their boards were found to outperform their rivals with a 42 per cent higher return in sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher return on equity. The seafood industry must therefore look to understand the vital importance of tapping into the huge pool of talent, know-how and competence that women represent.

“This survey has shown us that people currently working in the industry are passionate and willing to champion our industry to attract new talent. However, there is a feeling that there is work to be done, in terms of highlighting the opportunities, in particular career progression, and making the industry a more attractive and accessible place for female employees.

“We are committed to raising awareness of the gender diversity issue to drive cultural change that delivers real impact for the industry. We hope it will hit home with some of the industry’s biggest decision makers and inspire conversations that lead to practical steps on how we can actively change these perceptions.

“There is a strong appetite among women in the industry for a dedicated mentoring or networking body to be set up, and this is something we will be looking at in the months ahead. We’d like to encourage women working in the UK seafood industry to get in touch with Seafish through our website or regional network contacts, and to link up with their female colleagues across the world through the International Association for Women in the Seafood Industry (WSI).”

IntraFish Editor, Elisabeth Fischer, added: “The results of the survey were quite revealing. Gender inequality in the sector is still prevalent but it was promising to see that the big majority of respondents said they would actively encourage other women to seek a career in the seafood industry.

“We need to go out and communicate the opportunities the sector has to offer to attract more female leadership talent. This will not only need the involvement of women but also of men. IntraFish recently hosted its inaugural Women in Leadership Summit in Seattle and is committed to keep doing its part to drive positive change in the future.”


Created on behalf of Seafish by Citypress. For more information please contact: Carrie MacWilliam carrie.macwilliam@citypress.co.uk T: +44 (0)131 516 6970 M: +44 (0)7738 469 781

Why you should advertise with FAFB
10 May 2017

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Fish may be smarter than previously believed
27 Apr 2017
Some Boats that just sold on FAFB
10 Apr 2017
Taiwan grandma carried fish in £900 Louis Vuitton handbag
03 Apr 2017
grandma carries fish in Louis Vuitton bag

Taiwan grandma carried fish in £900 Louis Vuitton handbag full story

the most dangerous backwater in the world?
30 Mar 2017
most dangerous backwater In the world?

Across the world there has been a decline in piracy and sea robbery, but one precarious expanse of ocean waters in South East Asia is bucking that trend, as maritime defence expert Swee Lean Collin Koh explains. read article

Tips on buying or selling a boat
29 Mar 2017
How to sell or buy succesfully on FAFB

read full article click here

18 Mar 2017
two year project underway

A collaborative, 2 year project is underway in Northern Ireland with a programme of work involving the design, trialling and implementation of fishing gear with increased selectivity
read more

Boaty Mcboatface submarine heading to Antartic
15 Mar 2017
get your free copy of Quay issues from Seafish
06 Mar 2017
Quay issues

Quay Issues is a FREE magazine for the fishing industry and tells some of the stories unearthed during the Seafish annual Fleet Survey.

get your free copy here

New government rules issued on bass fishing
21 Feb 2017

Ice-locked ship to drift over North Pole
20 Feb 2017
Free magazine from Seafish
19 Feb 2017
Get the new quayissues magazine now for free

Quay issues free magazine from seafish click here

08 Feb 2017

Brent oIl field is to be decommisioned Plans for the rest of the infrastructure in the Brent field have been submitted to the UK government. They are thought to include leaving the legs of some of the platforms in place rather than removing them - which Shell has described as the safest option. That has caused concern among some environmental groups. A 60-day consultation will now be launched before ministers decide whether to accept Shell's plans.

full story from BBC here

Last paddle steamer built in Britain could sail again
02 Feb 2017
MAid of the Loch could sail. Again by 2018

The summer of 2018 could see the last paddle steamer built in Britain sailing once more. The Maid of the Loch has been out of use for 35 years. But enthusiasts working towards a multi-million pound restoration of the vessel believe it could be cruising Loch Lomond again. They are aiming to raise £1.7m by the autumn which, they believe, could release twice as much again in lottery funding. As you go on board via the gang plank you are stepping into another era, 50s Britain Read the full BBC article

By 2019 the disposal of fish at sea will be banned
27 Jan 2017
BBC Article

The fishing industry has been opposed to the "inflexible" way in which the discard ban has been implemented under the Common Fisheries Policy. They say the regulations are the problem rather than monitoring.

Chief Executive of the Scottish Fisherermen's Federation Bertie Armstrong said: "Everybody's on the same side with reducing discards as far as physically possible it's just a question of getting the rules right which is a work in progress. "Cameras, frankly, are a little side show and the presence of absence of them will not solve of fail to solve the problem." Quota incentives for other species still exist under the scheme even though the incentive for North Sea cod has ended. By 2019, the disposal of all fish at sea will be banned. READ BBC Article

New static gear Consultation
10 Jan 2017

NEW STATIC GEAR MARKING CONSULTATION: Following discussions about spatial and gear conflict by inshore fishermen's association representatives at Regional IFG (Inshore Fisheries Group) meetings plus follow-up workshops, new static gear marking proposals are now open for consultation. All inshore fishermen and associations throughout Scotland are encouraged to participate in a new consultation by 3rd February 2017 latest, regards proposals on static gear marking.

Click this link then scroll down to ‘Begin Consultation’, then click each ‘Draft Proposal’ box in turn to reveal the content.

Massive Atlantic wave recorded
18 Dec 2016
Record wave

The highest-ever wave detected by a buoy has been recorded in the North Atlantic ocean, the World Meteorological Organization has said. The 19-metre (62.3ft) wave happened between Iceland and the United Kingdom, off the Outer Hebrides. It was created in the aftermath of a very strong cold front with 43.8 knot (50.4mph) winds on 4 February 2013.

BBC story here

Japanese net maker Nitto Seimo helping remove space debris
10 Dec 2016

106 year old Japanese net maker Nitto Seimo worked to produce the magnetic tether designed to remove space debris .

The increasing debris is regarded as a growing threat to earths communication satellites read full article here

North sea fish quotas to increase in 2017 after annual EU talks
06 Dec 2016
Increase in north sea quota

North sea cod and haddock as well as other species will get a boost in 2017

Report from the BBC link here

[Find Quota for sale and wanted on FAFB]http://www.findafishingboat.com/licence-list/uk-commercial-fishing-quotas-for-sale)

[Find licences for sale and wanted on fafb(http://www.findafishingboat.com/licence-list/uk-commercial-fishing-licences-for-sale-over-10m)

Fisheries research pamphlets
03 Dec 2016
Fisheries reasearch

[Scottish Fisheries Information Pamphlet No. 25 2004] (http://www.gov.scot/uploads/documents/fishing%20gear.pdf)

Covers most common types of commercial fishing

Fish themed skating rink closed down
28 Nov 2016
Great barrier reef just mated
22 Nov 2016
Storm Angus
20 Nov 2016
First named storm of the season

storm Angus

Super moon
14 Nov 2016
Look out for super moon 14-11-16

Look out for super moon tonight

Tsunami threat to south Island New Zealand
13 Nov 2016
Tsunami Warning

Tidal measurements from Geonet now indicate that a tsunami two metres or more has been recorded in Kaikoura, and indications are it will hit other parts of the South Island soon. read more

27 Oct 2016
The RNLI Fishing Safety Team held a man overboard safety demonstration at Weymouth Harbour

FISHERMEN SAFETY DEMONSTRATION AT WEYMOUTH HARBOUR HOSTED BY SEAFISH AND THE RNLI Seafish, the industry authority on Seafood, and The RNLI Fishing Safety Team held a man overboard safety demonstration at Weymouth Harbour yesterday (Wednesday 26 October) to encourage the observance of best practice safety procedures on board commercial fishing vessels. Attended by fishermen and the media, the demonstration was designed to show observers how to effectively recover someone who has gone overboard, whilst stressing why it is so important for all vessel owners, skippers and crew to practice, review and update safety procedures on a regular basis. The demonstration also highlighted how tough it can be to rescue a body from the sea, encouraging all fishermen to wear a personal floatation device to ensure that they have the best chance of survival. Local fishermen, Bob Summerhayes used his inshore fishing vessel to reach the man overboard dummy, providing spectators with guidance and tips on the best way to recover someone from the water. The RNLI inshore lifeboat crew also demonstrated their technique for recovering a body from the sea. Gus Caslake, south west regional manager for Seafish, said: “The aim of this exercise was to get fisherman thinking about what they would do if they have a man overboard.

"Fishing remains the UK’s most dangerous peacetime profession with fishermen operating in harsh conditions, using heavy machinery. All commercial fishermen need to take mandatory safety training before going out to sea, but we are sadly still losing lives.

"The dummy used in the demonstration weighs 11 stone, which becomes 13 stone when wet. During the demonstration, the fishermen involved struggled to lift that weight and with the average man weighing more than the dummy, we need to make sure that fishermen are properly trained and practice regularly to avoid any unnecessary loss of life.”

In recent years Seafish have worked with fishermen to design a new personal floatation device which is smaller and less restrictive than other life jackets. As part of Seafish’s Sea You Home Safe campaign, more than 3500 free personal floatation devices were handed out to commercial fishermen to encourage wider use of this life saving device.

Three months of the Marine Antiquities Scheme
21 Oct 2016
October 2016 – Three months of the Marine Antiquities Scheme or MAS

It has now been three months since the launch of the MAS, which is providing divers, fishermen, boat operators and coastal visitors with a new way to record underwater finds. Central to the MAS is the simple-to-use app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Wessex Archaeology’s team of experts has researched more than 70 objects, including 19th-century clay pipes, chevron beads and a WW2 British Landing Craft (Assault). These records can be viewed on the MAS database.

MAS outreach commenced with CITiZAN’s second annual conference, Turn the Tide, held at the fantastic SS Great Britain in Bristol. This was a prime opportunity to connect with like-minded professional and community colleagues whose work intersects with the MAS at the low tide mark.

Coming up

22-23 October – MAS will be at DIVE 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham, sharing stand 872 with the Nautical Archaeology Society. Feel free to visit us there and also listen to Matthew Clear from The Crown Estate who will be speaking at the show’s Ocean Theatre on Saturday at 1650.

28-29 October – At the Skipper Expo in Bournemouth you can meet the MAS team, pick up a MAS brochure and learn about the finds that have been recorded to date.

5-6 November – MAS will be at the NAS and SCAPE Trust Conference at the University of Glasgow. Find our stand in the atrium where you can see a demonstration of the MAS app.

If you haven’t already done so, why not download a poster from the website to put on your nearest noticeboard or send to anyone you feel may be interested in the scheme.

[visit the site]( https://marinefinds.org.uk/)

Octopus fishing in Tanzania
19 Oct 2016
Eyemouth black Friday Fishing tragedy sculpture unveiled
14 Oct 2016
skipper says submarine towed fishing trawler
12 Oct 2016
Fishermans wages in the USA
08 Oct 2016
Average wage for a fisherman in the USA

what is an average wage for a fisherman is in the USA?

Royal Navy's first major training exercise using drones -
04 Oct 2016
the Royal Navy's first major training exercise using drones

An unmanned boat called Mast will be one of the vessels taking part in the exercise Unmanned Warrior - - has begun off the Welsh coast. A reconnaissance craft called Watchkeeper is observing Nato forces arriving for another exercise, Joint Warrior. Next week, the training will switch to the Western Isles. Unmanned Warrior involves aerial and maritime technology operated by the military and civilian contractors, including QinetiQ. Lt Cdr Clive Langmead, of the Royal Navy, said: "In Scotland, QinetiQ, as part of its long term partnership agreement with MoD have prepared the flying and underwater ranges which it runs in Benbecula, Stornoway, Applecross and the Kyle of Lochalsh. Read full BBC article

Hurricane Matthew moving across the Caribbean
03 Oct 2016
Hurricane Matthew moves across the Caribbean

Cat 4 Hurricane Mathew is set to hit the Bahamas and Haiti tonight

Obama has created the first underwater national monument
25 Sep 2016
Obama has created the first underwater national monument off the US east coast,

President Barack Obama has created the first underwater national monument off the US east coast, protecting a vast ecosystem of canyons and extinct volcanoes. It is home to thousands of rare species, but is also a source of controversy. read the full story

Bournemouth show 28th and 29th Oct
15 Sep 2016
Fishing show in Bournemouth next month

Strong interest in fishing show in Bournemouth

Dates 28 29 Oct 2016

Visit website

Fishtubs are eligible for EMFF grant funding
09 Sep 2016
EMFF Funded DRAWM Fishtubs

DRAWM Fishtubs aboard the LILY LOLA

DRAWM Fishtubs General Manager Kieran Ward commented ahead of the Skipper exhibition in Bournemouth, “It’s great to hear that the DRAWM fishtubs are proving such a huge success in the industry. The quality of the tubs is driving repeat sales and customers continue to be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices”. Its also great to see the fishermen getting EMFF grant funding for fishtubs and other items. That’s what it is there for.”

Paul Fitch, skipper of the LILY LOLA from Harwich in England received 80% funding under the grant scheme through the MMO. “I got a 310Ltr and two of the 100Ltr hinged lid tubs from DRAWM Fishtubs. I use them for keeping the fish fresh with slush ice and also for keeping ice. Because my boat is Under 12 metres and I don’t tow any static gear, I was eligible for the higher rate of funding. Well pleased”

Shetland Fisherman, Kevin Sutherland CONCORD applied for funding through Marine Scotland. “I needed 4 off 310Ltr fishtubs for my boat. I was aware that fishtubs are eligible for EMFF grant funding so I phoned Kieran Ward at DRAWM Fishtubs and got some information as to how to apply. I applied in June and received approval for 80% funding in August. There is a bit of work to do to supply all the information for the application, but overall I think it is worth it” Insulated fishtubs are recognised to contribute towards improving quality and are eligible for European Maritime Fisheries Funding (EMFF). Contact: Website; EMail: sales@drawm.com; Tel: 02838 570001

Best coastal marine conservation
05 Sep 2016

Making news in today's Daily I is the findings from World Atlas regarding global marine conservation. With pollution of the seas being a major contributor to the negative impact on marine life a big effort is being made to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of our seas. Marine ecosystems rely on a delicate balance between the natural world and the industries that make a living from the seas; sadly the two are not always in harmony and the results can have a devastating impact on the environment. Fish, in particular, are highly susceptible to water pollution and contaminants in the sea can radically alter fish stocks as a result of adverse impacts on breeding and fatalities. However, it is the overall picture of marine health that matters and it's interesting to see just how the geography stacks up with respect to coastal conservation.

World Atlas conducted a survey of countries across the globe to assess the action being taken to preserve their coastal waters and the findings make for interesting reading. Of the top twelve countries listed, the UK is notably absent but eight of our European counterparts come out very well, including France, Norway and Germany. Clearly there are discrepancies to be held into account with the amount of coastline required to be under protection with Norway having 25,148km and Germany having just one tenth of that figure.

The list below shows the country followed by the proportion of its coastline that is under protection:

  1. Monaco (100%)
  2. Slovenia (985%)
  3. Ecuador (75.7%)
  4. Germany (64.8%)
  5. France (62.9%)
  6. Norway (60.7%)
  7. The Netherlands (57.7%)
  8. New Caledonia (56.6%)
  9. Belgium (56.1%)
  10. Poland (52.7%)
  11. Australia (48.5%)
  12. Guinea-Bissau (45.9%)

The headlines look good for Australia but there is clearly more work to be done both across Europe and beyond to tackle the concerns of coastal conservation.

Fund raising event for Harvester tragedy
21 Aug 2016
Fund raising event

Life can turn on a sixpence. Many of us know this to be true. Just over three years ago, a group of friends, including Jerome Flynn, organised the first charity fundraising event known as The Pale Moon Big Night Out. The day of the Pale Moon Event this year falls on Saturday September 17th. We always start off the day with a game of cricket played for the Pale Moon Cricket Cup. Details on the poster. This is our third year of organising the Pale Moon event. Each year we have built on the success of the previous one. One of the intentions with our event is to try to make a difference with the money we raise for various causes. For our event this year we have decided to support the families of the crew of fishing boat, Harvester. In April this year, two fishermen, a father and son, Gareth and Daniel Willington tragically lost their lives off the north Pembrokeshire coast. Daniel's wife has two young children with another due in November this year. We were all deeply saddened by this tragedy and it is very very close to our hearts. We truly hope that we can raise enough money to help ease the financial pressure for the Willingtons at this most time. We have great food, live music, dancing, an auction and a raffle. If anyone would like to donate something for our auction or raffle please get in touch. . We hope we can reach a similar amount as last year. For information check us out on Facebook. Just search 'Pale Moon Big Night Out 2016' or call 07718240216.