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Olex Pro with FREE Robust Keypad

Macduff, UK Wide…
Offer price includes Echomaster's exclusive ROBUST KEYPAD & TRACKBALL SOLUTION at no additional cost!!

The Olex Pro 3D seabed mapping package was designed to meet the need of inshore fishing vessels who require a cost-effective, comprehensive chart plotter with built-in Real Time Seafloor mapping capability.

As well as operating as a fishery chart plotter, the OLEX systems true strength lies in the cutting edge, real-time seafloor mapping function. This advanced system allows you to create a highly detailed, three-dimensional map of the sea bed, using the data supplied directly from your vessels Echosounder. This system plots each depth reading from your Echosounder with your vessel’s GPS co-ordinates, automatically adjusting for local tidal variations and generates an interactive seabed mapping database of everywhere the vessel has been. The system comes pre-loaded with 3D data that has been shared by other users to give you a head start.

In no time at all, your preferred fishing grounds will be mapped out, allowing you unparalleled ability to precisely locate seafloor features such as ridges, trenches, outcrops and wrecks. With OLEX operating on your vessel, it is possible to investigate new ground, giving you the ability to uncover additional lucrative fishing grounds that may otherwise have gone un-fished.

Simple on-screen controls operate the handy ‘3D Camera’ function to explore anywhere on the mapped seafloor. The Olex ‘Hot Colours’ function uses colours to identify bottom contours of a similar depth. This feature is especially useful if you fish with static gear and are looking for new areas that are suitable for setting of traps and nets.

As a chart plotter, your Professional OLEX 3D seabed mapping system will display highly detailed navigation charts from Chartworld or Navionics, allowing safe navigation through waterways and inshore fishing grounds. Port and safety information is clearly displayed with navigational aids, buoys and beacons all clearly shown.

if you would like any further information relating to any of our Olex 3D seabed mapping systems then please do not hesitate to contact Arlene or Andrew, or your local Echomaster approved Olex dealer.

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