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For Sale:

OM636 engine, gearbox, and instrumentation.

Sutton Coldfield
I had this engine in a Colvic 26 (as I purchased the boat seven, years ago) knowing the engine was too big for the boat. I have replaced it with a Volvo Penta MD 11c. I have taken the engine out taking care not to damage anything and it comes for sale. I have stripped the gearbox and replaced the joint set and observed the condition of the internals. I have taken pictures of what I have seen inside the gearbox and was very impressed. The taper cones and fibre material look new. The gearbox is a Thamesway marine product. The engine is complete apart from filters. I am sure I changed the glow plugs to the new type where you wire them up in parallel. The instrumentation is all together and wired up as shown in the pictures. I live at B72 1AE so you can find out where the engine is.
The engine has been run regularly to keep things moving and the oil in the engine does not want changing.The starter motor needs rewinding as the insulation has deteriorated. The copper coils are of rectangular copper and if you obtain insultaion material you could rewind it yourself. All stripped parts are contained in a box.

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