Commercial Fishing Quota Units For Sale

Commercial Fishing quota units for sale or lease in the UK.
Sell your own quota quickly and easily for only £14.95 plus VAT.
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Nort Sea Monks

ID: 98355     Posted: 19/09/2018     Lowestoft

50 Ton North Sea Monks to lease. 35 Ton North Sea Haddock to lease.…
North Sea Monk for lease.

ID: 98071     Posted: 06/09/2018     Buckie

15 tons of North Sea Monks to lease
Offers +VAT
19.9T NS COD to Rent

ID: 98024     Posted: 04/09/2018     NE

2018 19.9T of NS COD to Rent offer by 15th September
Offers +VAT
quota lease

ID: 97742     Posted: 23/08/2018     N/e

quota lease 2018 n/s cod 8.6 tonnes n/s sai 0.6 tonnes offers please by…
Offers +VAT
200 AREA VII NEPHROPS units for sale

ID: 97190     Posted: 30/07/2018     Aberdeen

200 area VII nephrops units for sale. Genuine sale, subject to receipt of…
NS Quota lease 2018

ID: 96300     Posted: 24/06/2018     NE

16 ton NS Cod 11 ton Norway Others 1 ton NS Anglers 1ton NS Hadd 10 ton NS…

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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