Commercial Fishing Quota Units For Sale

Commercial Fishing quota units for sale or lease
Sell your own quota quickly and easily for only £14.95 plus VAT.
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Quota For Swop

ID: 89549     Posted: 13/09/2017     Fraserburgh

7T of N/S Monk available to swop in return for N/S Cod, N/S Hads or N/S Whts.…
Quota for lease 2017

ID: 89449     Posted: 08/09/2017     Fraserburgh

65 Ton NS Cod 15 Ton NS Monk 6 Ton NS Hake Offer by 5 pm on 13-9-17.
Offers +VAT
Prawn Quota for Lease

ID: 89384     Posted: 05/09/2017     Peterhead

66 tonnes North Sea Nephrops 3.4 tonnes West Coast Nephrops Quota currently…
Offers +VAT
NS monks for lease/swap

ID: 89218     Posted: 29/08/2017     Scotland

20t of NS monks available to lease but prefer to swap for other quota

ID: 89155     Posted: 27/08/2017     Glasgow

FQA UNITS Stock FQA Units Angler VII 15 Cod VIIa 186 Haddock VII 5…
Quota for Lease - Area IV and Area VI and Area VII

ID: 89005     Posted: 20/08/2017     N.ireland

Quota for Lease 2017 Nephrops Area 7 - 70 ton Area 6…
North Sea sole quota to rent

ID: 88759     Posted: 11/08/2017     Colchester

1 ton (4c)North Sea sole to rent for 2017
£1,000 +VAT
FQA Units For Sale

ID: 88378     Posted: 27/07/2017     North East

NS Cod - 360 NS Meg - 94 NS Saithe - 40 NS Whit - 40 WC Meg - 1 Total…
Offers +VAT

ID: 88053     Posted: 15/07/2017     Aberdeen

NS Cod 2 tons NS Haddock 8 tons NS Whiting 5 tons NS Anglers 10 ton…
Kilowats for sale

ID: 87911     Posted: 10/07/2017     Helvick Head

5.19 kilowats for sale
Quota For Hire

ID: 87748     Posted: 04/07/2017     Fraserburgh

1.1T North Sea Herring 0.1T North Sea Mackerel 16.1 West Coast Mackerel…
Offers +VAT
Quota for Sale

ID: 87246     Posted: 12/06/2017     Kilkeel

Stock FQA…
Offers +VAT

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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