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sole/cuttle trawl

Rousdon, East Devon
Example shown is 320mesh fishing circle - 60ft Sole / Prawn /Cuttle Trawl - suitable 120 - 180HP

Bag and lower wings all 85mm orange twisted with 4mm compact net gaurdings along ropes

Fly meshes
fitted along the fishing line for good ground contact

Top sheet 85mm , top square 8ft and top wings all 160mm mesh

Top and bottom ropes all 14mm combination wire, and sacrificial rope bound

Footrope 6in rockhopper discs, 50mm rubbers on 14mm wire throughout.

Chain danglers fitted through footrope if required.

Codend not included - this can be made to Skippers requirements.

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James Bruce [Trade]
  077657 99770

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