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SOLENT SSH04 Net Haulers

Chichester, West…
£3,595 +VAT

Solent Engineering [Trade]
01243 512113

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Solent Engineering's Range of Haulers and Fishing Equipment the SSH04 is the big brother to our current units. Featuring 3 powered rolls with motors set for 600kg pull as standard. The large chassis at half a meter wide is perfect for large and wing fish, and we have increased the funnel depth to prevent large catch spilling over on the passage to the deck. rear pinch cone is adjustable to suit varying line setups. comes complete with Pedestal leg, Gunwhale Clamp, Deck Swivel foot and fully proportional Control valve with 3 mounting position options on the chassis. Port and starboard versions available. SSH04 is also available as a combined net and pot hauler with sheaves and removable central Davit arm. check our website.

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