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Sovereign Workboats Hydraulic Pipe & Equipment Service

We are now opening a Hose replacement service in Bursledon Southampton to give are customers a full sevice on there hydraulic needs. SO311AA (Foulkes & sons yard)
Our in house or mobile hose repair service
offers 24 hours a day, custom and replacement pipes made to order by post or while you wait as well as on-site hydraulic hose repair to customers involved in marine, industrial, commercial and agricultural activities.
The vans are stocked with a wide variety of hose fixtures, fittings and adaptors suitable for an extensive range of applications. With a quick turn around time at affordable prices.
We can travel to your site to replace hydraulic hoses, pressure hose and any other hose applications.
Site opens in January and will be stocked with replacement pipes, valves, motors, power packs.
Steve Foulis [Trade]

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