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Stainless Steel Swivels

East Looe
Premium quality Stainless Steel Swivels.

These Crane Swivels are incredibly strong for their size and they pretty much last forever you can re-use them repeatedly without fear of them corroding and breaking.
Suitable for all types of H&L fishing from light work for Bass or Squid with rods right up to heavy duty commercial jigging, long line and sport fishing for Tuna and Sharks.
Supplied in bags of 100 and (all but size 4) bags of 10 pieces.

Size 4 - 100kg
Size 2 - 140kg
Size 1/0 - 230kg
Size 4/0 - 400kg

Duel rotation Ball Bearing Swivel with two welded rings. Commonly used as a mainline swivel. Essential for use with dive boards and other trolling set ups.
There really are some of the best swivels that money can buy.
Supplied in bags of 5 pieces.

Size #3 – 90kg
Size #5 – 150kg

All these swivels and more; plus a range of clips, crimps and other hook and line fishing essentials can be purchased through our online shop or click the banner above this advert.

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Ed Russell. [Trade]
078 777 277 95

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