Irish commercial Fishing Licences for sale

Irish Fishing licences/tonnage/KW for sale.
1 HP = 0.745699Kw Click here for a conversion table

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under 18m capacity for sale

ID: 102085     Posted: 13/03/2019     Co Galway

23.22 GTs and 82.07KWs for sale. In process of deregistration (full 24months…
Irish Capacity for Sale 154.51 Killowatts ( Over 19 m)

ID: 102059     Posted: 12/03/2019     Killybegs

Irish Fishing Capacity 154.51 (Over 18 m) Killowatts for sale in Galway
€850 per unit
Bivalve tonnage and kilowatts

ID: 101234     Posted: 07/02/2019     Donegal

3.25 Tonnes 64 kilowatts
kilowatts for sale

ID: 97388     Posted: 28/01/2019     Cork

kilowatts for sale under 18m calls after 7pm preferred. I can sell in smal lots…
Irish Commercial Fishing LIcence

ID: 100879     Posted: 24/01/2019     Kinsale

72 GT. 331 KW over 18m. Full polyvalent.
Bivalve tonnage and KWS

ID: 100695     Posted: 16/01/2019     Donegal

Over 18 m kilowatts for sale

ID: 100129     Posted: 14/12/2018     Dublin

40 over 18 m kilowatts for sale

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