Irish commercial Fishing Licences for sale

Irish Fishing licences/tonnage/KW for sale.
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Cockle entitlement Bi- Valve Licence VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105655     Posted: 19/08/2019     Dundalk Bay

Full cockle entitlement Bi-Valve licence for sale. Has fished in Dundalk bay…
Irish Polyvalant over 18 kw for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 102490     Posted: 18/08/2019     Galway

190 kw for sale . 850 euro per kw.
Polyvalent licence VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105233     Posted: 01/08/2019     Mayo

6 kilowatts and 1.17 tonne 8000 euro ono.
Polyvalent OVER 18m tonnage VIEW ADVERT

ID: 103549     Posted: 30/07/2019     Cork

Over 18m Polyvalent Capacity Enough for a full modern licence
Irish Bivalve For Sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 98488     Posted: 20/06/2019     Donegal

BIVALVE 4.31 Ton and 22.6kW for sale €275 per unit
€275 per unit
Irish under 18m tonnage for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 104293     Posted: 20/06/2019     Dublin

2.08 tons for sale immediately. €5,000 ono
€5,000 ono
kilowatts for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 97388     Posted: 17/06/2019     Cork

kilowatts for sale under 18m Polyvalent licence only 9.4 kws left at 800 euro…
€800 per unit
Fishing licence for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 104121     Posted: 11/06/2019     Donegal

12.4 gross tonnes and 93.26kWs for sale. Under 18m polyvalent general tonnage.…
Irish Under 15m Polyvalent Tonnage and kW VIEW ADVERT

ID: 104099     Posted: 10/06/2019     Ballycotton

Irish Polyvalent Under 15m Tonnage and kW Tonnage 0.86 GT…
€9,640 ono
Polyvalent kilowatts 8.7 may split VIEW ADVERT

ID: 104065     Posted: 08/06/2019     Mayo

Polyvalent kilowatts 8.7 May split Expiry feb 2021 No tons €850 each
U18m tonnage for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 102725     Posted: 24/05/2019     Wexford

3.72 tons and 46.06kws
Over 18 M Capacity for Sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 103742     Posted: 24/05/2019     Waterford

151 GT and 180 Kwts for sale Over 18 m Polyvalant General
Under 18 M Capacity for Sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 103711     Posted: 22/05/2019     Killybegs

15 Kws still for sale
€800 per unit ono
Clean Polyvalent > 18 m Capacity VIEW ADVERT

ID: 103517     Posted: 14/05/2019     Howth

71 GTs for sale. No Kwts attached Offers in region of €2800 per unit ?…
Polyvalent Kilowatts VIEW ADVERT

ID: 103433     Posted: 11/05/2019     Buncrana

18 polyvalent kilowatts for sale under 18 meters €1000 per kilowatt ono.
€1,000 per unit ono
Irish kws for sale VIEW ADVERT

ID: 102573     Posted: 04/04/2019     Helvick Co.waterford

16.32 kw for sale
€850 per unit
Bi Valve Capacity VIEW ADVERT

ID: 102546     Posted: 04/04/2019     Wexford

15.6 GT and 110 Kilowatts Bivalve Capacity Some sold but 12.91 GT and 93.5…

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