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Fuel system deposits

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Using Red Diesel??... You need this.

If you are using Red Diesel then the chances are it lacks enough Lubricant.
Remember when they took the lead out of Petrol and all the problems with that caused with engines.
It's the same for Diesel,
making Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel takes out the lubricant your fuel pumps and injectors need, the manufacturers are supposed to add a lubricity improver but many don't or they put in the very bare minimum.....after all it's a cost and no one makes money out of fuel these days.
Adding you own lubricant makes sense, we supply DieselAid® LDB. LDB is similar to the premium diesel sold on all petrol station forecourts.
It contains a lubricity improver, A fuel system detergent that will clean up the whole fuel system, very important if using Red Diesel and even more so if your engine is idling.
Finally it contains a Biocide to kill Diesel Bug.
Our DieselAid® Biocide has engine manufacturer approval.
Price is for a 5 litre drum that's enough to treat 20,000 litres of diesel and adds less than 0.7% to the fuel cost.
The benefits are huge....
Replaces any lubricant lacking in the fuel so protecting the whole fuel system
Completely cleans the whole fuel system, pumps, injectors etc.
Kills Diesel Bug.
............and if you only want a lubricity improver, we have that too. Contact us for more information.

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