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For Sale:

Various size plastic trays/boxes from €3 each

Offers +VAT
Various sized heavy duty food grade plastic trays/boxes (Pic1).

All trays/boxes are food grade and stack-able on top of one another for easy storage. They can also be put in freezer for freezing product like Cakes, fish, Vegetables , Icecream etc.... or can be just used for storage of all kinds of things....Many many uses These boxes cost 3 times as much brand new.

Pic 2: = Green/Grey Heavy dutie Paxton (model SK64235P) trays
L=600mm x W = 400mm x H = 230mm

€5.50 EACH (500+ Available)

Pic 3: Grey/Green Solid (No holes) E/2 heavy duty plastic box
L=600mm x W = 400mm x H = 200mm

€4.50 EACH (150 Available)

Pic 4: Green/Grey Heavy duty Paxton (model SK64315P) trays
L=600mm x W = 400mm x H = 310mm

€6.50 EACH (200 available)

Pic 5: Mainly Grey some Solid and some with holes Allibert (Mdel 21035) heavy duty plastic box/Tray
L=600mm x W = 400mm x H = 170mm

€6.50 EACH (200 Available)

Pic 6: White bendable Plastic Food grade laying out sheets
L=585mm x W = 400mm x 3mm thick

€2.50 each (350 available).

Pic 7: Yellow Trays with holes, used only once.
L=600mm x W = 400mm x H = 190mm

€4 EACH (350 Available).

Price is cash price, Receipts available if need but plus VAT


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