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For Sale:

Voltage Dropper

Retail £ Less 85%? - Top Quality Volt droppers 24V to 12V - Bulk buy (we had over 200 boxes) - These are TWIN outlets for two circuits if needed - We offer them Single (or Bulk buyers from £85).
German quality "MAN" (Their retail price this year is £882 - contact your local MAN dealer and check yourself).
If you don't need one now - buy one for a spare. (Bulk buyers from £85)
As well as MAN we also stock SAILOR & VTRONICS Droppers
Note, - CORONA VIRUS - Although our Showroom and Stores are closed. Our Sales office and Courier Transports are still working 7 DAYS /week.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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