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Water in your fuel tank, Diesel Bug

£895 +VAT

Peter Weide [Trade]

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Hazy Diesel, Diesel Bug. Sludge in your diesel Fuel tank.
It's all because you have water in your tank. It hides behind the baffles, when you go too sea it sloshes around and gets picked up by the engine fuel suction. It then returns to your tank as a saturation quickly spreading throughout the tank.
This then causes sludge on the bottom of the tank and most importantly it reduces the lubricant effect of the diesel so your injectors fail.

If you want to stop it, drain the water from your tank!

If you can't drain the water - get a Diesel Dipper. It will do it for you whilst you are at sea.

You should also use DieselAid LDB. It has a lubricant, a biocide and detergent to keep the fuel system clean.

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