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XL Dutch eel fyke pairs 1mtr high 10mtr long traps 15mtr leaders


Paul Bird

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Superb eel catchers and fish catchers. Stainless D front hoops 5ft x 3ft, 5 internal funnels all funnels hand tapered. Fykes are 10mtr long 3Z knotted.
Leaders are 3Z knotless 6mm leadline and floatline. There is some minor damage to some of the meshes on the front trap section nothing that a couple of hours repair work wouldnt fix. The last 4 sections of the traps are in in very good condition. These nets are well over £1000 per pair to buy new priced to sell at £150 per pair 3 pairs available. I can ship at cost approx £70 or buyer collects. Sorry but i will not sell the nets individually. its a job lot. £150 per pair + VAT

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