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Belitronic EX Firmware Update

If anyone has Belitronic EX machines that are not working properly or you are just not able to get the most out of them when fishing Mackerel for whatever reason we can help.

The new firmware update from Belitronic brings many improvements to the later EX machine that can turn it into a real "Mackerel Killer".

We are able to update all Belitronic EX machines with the new firmware so your old machine will work much better and faster and with a much simpler set up and programming than before.

Older EX machines will not be network ready. They will require extra parts to allow them to communicate with other comparable units, however all the other improvements this firmware update brings will all work fine.

Improvements with V1.2152 :-

- introduction of Hook Zone which manages the haul speed of the line so the lines work faster with fewer fish lost - so more fish caught.

- Wheel Lock is now ON from start up so no more line creeping from the spool at idle.

- No more line over runs and constant depth adjustment needed.

- Much improved communication speeds between EX machines and remote control units.

We have also written our own user manual for this firmware update.

It is written in a very simple format that tells the user the exact buttons to press, in what sequence, what that does, and the terminology is explained. It tells you how to calibrate the machine so the depth counter is as accurate as possible, and it explains all about the Hook Zone and how to set it up, plus everything else you need to do to get the best from the machine at the start.

We are able to visit local ports and update machines in situation, but for fishermen based further afield it is possible to send us the keyboard (KEX) from the EX machine and we can update it and send it back.

Removing the KEX board is easy.

Use an Allen key to remove the 4 bolts at the top and 4 at the bottom of the plastic housing then lift it off.

Flip it over and you will see the circuit board with buttons and screen attached that you have to take out. Remove the 12 small screws holding the board in position and lift out the circuit board, pack it well and send it to us by 'Signed For' post.

Get in touch for shipping address.

The new firmware update and user manual make using the Belitronic EX to catch Mackerel easier and simpler than ever before.

We keep new EX machines in stock plus a full range of spare parts and accessories.

You can find more information and order through our website

or phone: 078 777 277 95

Click here for more information (external site).

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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