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Todays Fish Prices Live

27th September 2021

Online fish auctions and todays prices

Many fish markets around the world have changed from a traditional shout auction to online auctions.

An advantage of online auctions for buyers is that they can see the fish that is due to arrive at a port, how it was caught and how long the fishing trip has been. The price last achieved is often listed. This helps forward planning when anticipating the supply chain for the business.

Bidding is done remotely so no need to be in the port.

Another advantage for the fisherman is that they can plan how and, to a certain extent, where to sell the catch and better gauge how to achieve a suitable market price, whilst at the same time let the buyer know what they will be landing.

Links to Live online fish auctions

Live fish auctions:






Vigo Spain


Contact FAFB to list your local auction

Scottish landings

To see live prices for Scottish landings, you can visit SWFPA.

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