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FAFB will never call you and ask for your credit card details over the phone. If this happens, hang up!

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12th May 2024

Welsh Safety Folder Workshop Dates

Upcoming Workshop Schedule:

Milford Haven


Location: Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus, Gogerddan Campus, Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion, SY23 3EE



Fishing Boat Registration Letters & Numbers
5th April 2024

Fishing boat registration letters explained

We’re familiar with the concept of vehicle registration plates and the historical changes that reflect the age of the vehicle, including the change which occurred in 2001 which also added…

24th January 2024

Parry Beach and Les Pinniger

We have been camping here first time about 15 years ago Each time we come back it seems better If swimming fishing and nature are top of your list you will love this place

The bird is a blue…

1st January 2024


Celeste is a Beneteau 351 from 1999 She is in FSC just round the corner from our Aus Family Damian Micky and Cosmo

7th December 2023


FAFB will never ask you for your card details over the phone !

If someone calls claiming to be from Findafishingboat and asking for a payment, just hang up.

It would be helpful if you could…

5th October 2023

Advertisers ! Remember as well as emailing your enquiries FAFB also backs up all enquiries in your FAFB account

Advertisers ! Remember – all enquiries about your adverts are sent to your email account and also backed up in your FAFB account. To make sure you are not missing any email enquiries, log…

11th September 2023

Shetland and the Yawl or Sixareen

The Shetland yawl sometimes spelled Yoal was first imported in the mid 19th Century from Norway Where they were built and taken apart and "flat packed". The Norwegian builders initially came…

27th August 2023

Scalloway Shetland

Scalloway ( from the old Norse ,bay with large houses)

Was once the Capital of Shetland , Scalloway is located in the west while Lerwick which is now the main port is on the East of the…

26th June 2023

TEN THINGS TO CHECK if you are considering a second hand boat

Buying a used item can mean getting a bargain but it can also mean making some compromises about the condition of what you are buying. This is true of cars, furniture or fishing boats. When…

7th June 2023

If the phone number seems to be wrong, did you include the country code?

If you find the phone number listed on FAFB is not working, are you remembering to add the country code?

Here are some examples:

If you are calling or texting Ireland from the UK you need to…

Online fish auctions
4th June 2023

Todays Fish Prices Live

Many fish markets around the world have changed from a traditional shout auction to online auctions.

16th April 2023

Changing a Jabsco Impeller and where to get the parts

'I know how important it is to keep your diesel engine running smoothly out on the water. One part that you'll want to keep an eye on is the impeller. Here's how to spot a broken one and…

4th April 2023 Fish boxes Ice boxes Langoustine /Prawn Crates offers a wide choice of different types of containers, including fish boxes, ice boxes, and langoustine crates. These containers are designed to store and transport fish, seafood,…

31st March 2023

Seafarers charity Press Release

The fishing fleet in Northern Ireland will benefit from a new Fishing First Safety Management project from The Seafarers’ Charity. The Northern Ireland Fishing First project is set to…

23rd March 2023

The Importance of Replacing Anodes to Protect your Boat's Hull and Engine

Boating anodes also known as sacrificial anodes or zincs, are an essential component of marine vessel maintenance, as they help protect the boat's metal components from galvanic corrosion.…

8th March 2023

The Pentland Firth

'The Pentland Firth is a strait located in the northern part of Scotland, separating the mainland from the Orkney Islands. It is one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the British…

23rd February 2023

Aurora Borealis

Although the Aurora Borealis is typically associated with the Arctic regions, it is also visible in some parts of the United Kingdom. Here's a brief overview of its history and some…

10th February 2023

ICS FLAGS a brief explanation

'International Code Signal (ICS) flags are a set of flags used by ships and boats to communicate important messages while at sea. The flags are used to send messages between ships or between…

7th February 2023

AIS explained

'Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a modern technological tool that is revolutionizing commercial fishing. AIS is an electronic system that enables ships to automatically identify…

1st January 2023


Celeste a Beneteau 35.1 from 1999 is our home just now

      we are visiting our Aus family Damian Micky and Cosmo

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