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Scalloway Shetland

by FAFB 27th August 2023
Scalloway Shetland

Scalloway ( from the old Norse ,bay with large houses)

Was once the Capital of Shetland , Scalloway is located in the west while Lerwick which is now the main port is on the East of the Shetland Mainland

Scalloway is a fishing port and home of the North Atlantic Fisheries College A new Fish market and the Scalloway Boating Club

Scalloway Fish Market

Opened in 2020 the Scalloway fish market is a modern facility selling fish all over the world with. The shetland auction online facility

NAFC North Atlantic Fisheries College

The North Atlantic Fisheries college NAFC

is part of the UHI University of the Highlands and Islands Providing courses for all sorts of Fishing and Aquaculture related subjects

Scalloway Boating Club

Scalloway boating club has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere all kinds of boating and fishing activity takes place here

As well as being a good boating and angling club it has an active social calendar Recently hosting a local band First Foot Soldiers

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Some pictures around Shetland

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