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7th January 2022

How to add a shortcut to FAFB on your Samsung mobile

Follow these steps to add an FAFB icon to your Home screen.

30th December 2021

Seafish ID cards

Seagoing training certificates ID cards and certificates are available to fishing industry workers who have completed training. Find out how to order new or replacement certificates Mandatory…

29th November 2020

Trawl net monitors - a brief introduction

Trawl net monitors have been developed by various companies for many years.

Over the years the technology has improved - battery life has been extended and the functions have been improved,…

11th August 2020


Sikaflex a short explanation

Sikaflex Is known as the worlds leading construction and Industrial adhesive

Sikaflex is widely used in the marine environment

Founded By Kasper Winkler in Baar…

16th June 2020

A marine survey

Are you wondering how you can decide on your next boat and progress the sale?

Or are you wanting to endorse your boat for sale advert with a recent marine survey?

A full marine survey or a…

12th May 2020

Seine netting revisited

Drone footage of the salmon on Parry beach2020

Seine fishing is a method of catching fish using a net that is hung vertically from a rope and used to haul catch from the water. The top is…

15th April 2020

What is AIS?A simple explanation of how it works and how everyone can access it

AIS a simple explanation

AIS Automatic Identification System was mandatory for vessels over 300 GT in 2002 Now all fishing vessels 15m and over must have one installed

Over the years two…

28th March 2020

Navigating Lateral and Cardinal Marks

Navigating the channels, seas and waterways of the world can be a tricky business but ever since man took to the seas there has been a correlative system of piloting aids; from the fire and…

27th March 2020

Kelvin Diesel Marine Engines: A brief history

Founded in 1904 as the Bergius Car and Engine Company, Kelvin Diesels is a Scottish manufacturer of marine engines that are widely used in commercial fishing vessels and small tugboats. The…

21st March 2020

A Few Knots & Hitches That Everyone Should Know

For some people, this may be second nature . But you’d be surprised just how many people we’ve come across who still haven’t got to grips with tying some basic but essential…

5th February 2020

A Guide to Basic Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel engines are relatively straightforward to maintain and if you can cover the basics on a regular basis then you can be sure to prevent costly mechanical failures that could leave you,…

17th December 2019

Fishing Trawlers: The basics

Also known as draggers, a trawler is a commercial fishing vessel which is designed to pull (or drag) a trawl net behind it to catch fish. The net is known as the trawl and can be deployed at…

Demersal trawl selectivity trials
6th November 2019

Landing Obligation trawl gear trials

Since February 2017 a fishing industry led collaborative project, aimed at eliminating the capture of juvenile and non-commercial fish species, has been underway. The Northern Ireland Gear…

5th November 2019

Marine electronics explained: Depth/Echo Sounders/fishfinders

Depth sounders (or echo sounders) are a type of SONAR system used in marine navigation to determine the depth of the water or to locate and visualize objects beneath the waves. They are used…

5th September 2019

A short history of fishing boats

A history of trawling.

The United Kingdom has an affinity for the sea and its history of fishing is an essential part of our culture as an island nation. From the development of early coastal…

Safety First: Essential Equipment for Surviving at sea
9th May 2019

Safety First: Surviving at Sea

Safety at sea is not something anyone can take for granted and, as well as some mandatory requirements for essential equipment, there are some things which should be common place, whatever…

Chart Plotters Explained: A Guide to Marine Technology
1st May 2019

Marine Chart Plotters Explained

Marine technology is a diverse industry and ranges from advanced navigational tools to safety devices and, for the commercial fishing sector, products designed to increase yields from target…

The FAFB A to Z of Nautical, Fishing and Boat Terms Explained
6th April 2019

The FAFB A to Z of Nautical, Fishing and Boat Terms Explained

Every industry has its own lingo and the commercial fishing sector is no different. In some ways, the language used can be more oblique with some nautical terms being derived from ancient…

Essential maintenance tasks for boat owners
21st March 2019

Basic Boat Maintenance

Whatever size, make or model you have, owning a boat comes with some routine maintenance requirements. The more often your boat is in use, the more wear and tear or accidental damage can…

Latest on prawn trawl gear trials
20th September 2018

Update on Prawn Trawl Gear Trials from Ben Collier

The Northern Ireland Gear Trials project is now into its second year of an initial two year long, EMFF funded programme that aims to design, trial and implement more selective fishing gears…

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