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11th August 2020

Sikaflex a short explanation

Sikaflex Is known as the worlds leading construction and Industrial adhesive

Sikaflex is widely used in the marine environment

Founded By Kasper Winkler in Baar Switzerland in 1910

Originally working on a concrete render for the inside of tunnels

Install Hatches and fittings on a boat

How to install hatches and fittings on a boat? Winches, windlasses are subject to high mechanical stresses, fans, hatches and hatch covers to low stresses. To make sure your fittings are sealed strongly we recommend the following: Bedding and sealing of fittings subject to high mechanical stresses Deck fittings such as chain plates, winches and guide rollers must absorb very high dynamic stresses. For this purpose, a high-performance product, Sikaflex®-292i, our assembly adhesive, should be used in conjunction with additional mechanical fixings. Bedding and sealing of fittings subject to minimal mechanical stresses Deck fittings, such as ventilators and cover strips, need to be waterproofed but are not subject to high tensile or torsion stresses. These fittings can be effectively bedded and sealed with only Sikaflex®-291i if the joint remains visible and is exposed to weathering, then use Sikaflex®-591 or Sikaflex®-295 UV. Check pre-treatment chart for surface preparation of substrates prior to application and follow application steps according to application guidelines. For further details read our application guidelines and our pre-treatment chart.

Teak decking

In the early 1980’s Sika discovered the teak caulking application as a potential market. By then, the application was executed with a two component polysulfide material. The product and application showed issues during the mixing procedure as air was included by applying the product and whereby later bubbles became visible. The one-component Sikaflex®, elastic polyurethane, made the process easier, faster and cleaner. Nowadays, Sikaflex® is the global reference for teak deck caulking.

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