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A marine survey

16th June 2020

The best option could be to choose a marine surveyor?

Are you wondering how you can decide on your next boat and progress the sale?

Or are you wanting to endorse your boat for sale advert with a recent marine survey?

A full marine survey or a valuation survey may be demanded by your bank, but it should always be considered when making a large purchase such as a boat.

Travel restrictions could be a consideration, safety and social distancing are also considerations.

It's often cheaper to get advice from someone nearby.

Surveyors all round the country offer different levels of survey:

  • valuation survey

  • pre sale survey

  • pre sale valuation survey

  • mechanical survey

  • full insurance survey
What kind of survey?

A marine survey covers all aspects of buying a boat. FAFB always advises buyers to travel to view the boat or equipment in person. That can be expensive and might not even be possible at the moment.

However its worth considering getting a quotation from a reputable marine surveyor. He will be your eyes and ears and a reliable sounding board to air your ideas. A surveyor will take recent pictures and send them to you, and will probably include a short video with his written report.

If you are looking to buy a boat, possibly at the other end of the country, is it going to be cheaper to look for a surveyor you can feel confident with?

Maybe it's time to consider having the conversation with a suitable marine surveyor.

Fafb cannot say which surveyor would be best for you. Only you can decide.

FAFB won't say which surveyor or survey type is best for you, but google can list the BMSE marine surveyors in most areas.

Or why not do your own search google search?

It's usual to start the conversation by listing your requirements in an online form or making a quick phone call.

Things to consider might be:

  • do I need an osmosis survey?

  • do I need an ultrasound hull thickness survey?

  • do I need a mechanical survey?

  • do in need a valuation survey?
Consider a survey

While we were investigating this article we spoke to Donald Clark in Argyll and Henry Bettle near Chichester. Both companies were happy to share ideas and both are active just now.

FAFB cannot endorse any particular marine surveyor, but getting a marine survey cost quotation is something buyers and, in many cases, sellers should seriously consider.

Link to MCA government advice on surveys and inspections

MCA surveys

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