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21st April 2018

Anti-fouling Time

Protecting the hull of your vessel is an essential part of the routine maintenance required to keep your boat in good service and applying some form of anti-fouling is inescapable to do so.…

22nd January 2018

Read the book by Percy and Gary Mitchell, A boat builders story

Percy Mitchell the renowned and innovative boat builder from Portmellon near Mevagissey in Cornwall , wrote this book which is a detailed description of early wooden boat building in…

13th December 2017

Fishing Methods Explained: Longlining

The methods of fishing vary greatly depending on the species of fish that is being targeted and the type of water being fished. Over a series of articles we take a look at some of the more…

24th August 2017

The Shipping Forecast 150 years old

The shipping Forecast started as a public service 150 years ago 24 Aug 1867 It is the longest running weather forecast in the world The forecast is loved by many not only mariners but…

10th July 2017

Funding is available from MMO under EMFF scheme – Apply now!

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is seeking applications under the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) for grant funding to the fishing industry, those operating fishing boats and…

24th April 2017

Which EPIRB Do I Need ?

An EPIRB is a type of tracking device that is used on board both commercial and leisure marine craft to provide assistance at sea in the event of emergencies. They can also be used as…

14th April 2017

UK Fishing Vessel Licenses Explained

Issued by the UK Government’s Marine Management Organisation, a commercial fishing vessel license permits a vessel to fish in specified areas of the sea.

At the current time, no new…

4th April 2017

RIB Buying Guide: Things to Consider

RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat and refers to a variety of vessels that principally share a similar structure; a lightweight vessel with a solid hull and an inflatable collar at the…

23rd March 2017

How to Buy a Boat Online: Safety Tips

It’s probably one of the most recurring questions that gets asked when using FAFB to buy a boat or to sell a boat; how to stay secure online when buying or selling a high-ticket item like a…

3rd March 2017

Fishing Folklore and Seafaring Superstitions

Every profession has their superstitions, traditional customs and strange beliefs but mariners (and specifically fishermen) have more than their fair share. Most are associated with bad luck…

17th February 2017

Mapping the Seas of The British Isles: The Pentland Firth

With some of the strongest tides and fastest currents in the world, the Pentland Firth is one of Britain’s most famous stretches of water. Though not actually a firth but rather a strait,…

7th December 2016

About FAL Propeller Service for props, shafts and sterngear

FAL Scottish Propeller Service Ltd was first established in 1961 by Mr. Fred A. Langnes who was a Norwegian evacuee from the north of Norway and came to this country in 1944. When he arrived…

10th November 2016

Focus on Boat Builders: Nobles of Girvan

With a long reputation of quality boat building, precision marine engineering and reliable workmanship, Nobles of Girvan is one of the UK’s best known and well-respected boat yards.

One of…

28th October 2016

Focus on Boat Builders: Cygnus Marine, Cornwall

Established in Falmouth in 1972, Cygnus Marine specialised in building GRP fishing boats and pleasure craft. Although it is no longer an active business, having ceased trading in 2007, the…

19th October 2016

Focus on Ports: Lerwick (Shetland)

As the most northerly commercial fishing port in the British Isles, Lerwick has a unique advantage over others harbours with its prime location. Situated 210 miles off the coast of Aberdeen,…

5th October 2016

And now The Shipping Forecast

The shipping forecast is a twice daily broadcast on FM (four times on LW) and is compiled by the Met Office, principally to provide the maritime industry with ongoing information about the…

14th September 2016

Iceland history of fishing, cod war video

Fishing in Iceland dates back to the time of the earliest settlers during the late 9th to early 10th centuries when Norse Vikings migrated from mainland Europe. The topography and climate of…

10th September 2016

Focus on Ireland's Ports

Contributing €891 million to the Irish economy and employing just 11,000 people, the fishing sector in Ireland may seem relatively modest compared to the national income and employment but…

1st September 2016

Traditional fishing boats: The Galway Hooker

Every region of the world has its own distinct design of traditional fishing boats. Vessels that have been specifically adapted through the ages to suit the incumbent weather and sea…

12th August 2016

Focus on Fishing in Norway


Situated on the Southern Coast of the Lofoten archipelago in Norway, the fishing village of Henningsvær offers a glimpse of traditional Norwegian fishing. With a population of…

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