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5th October 2016

And now The Shipping Forecast

The shipping forecast is a twice daily broadcast on FM (four times on LW) and is compiled by the Met Office, principally to provide the maritime industry with ongoing information about the…

14th September 2016

Iceland history of fishing, cod war video

Fishing in Iceland dates back to the time of the earliest settlers during the late 9th to early 10th centuries when Norse Vikings migrated from mainland Europe. The topography and climate of…

10th September 2016

Focus on Ireland's Ports

Contributing €891 million to the Irish economy and employing just 11,000 people, the fishing sector in Ireland may seem relatively modest compared to the national income and employment but…

1st September 2016

Traditional fishing boats: The Galway Hooker

Every region of the world has its own distinct design of traditional fishing boats. Vessels that have been specifically adapted through the ages to suit the incumbent weather and sea…

12th August 2016

Focus on Fishing in Norway


Situated on the Southern Coast of the Lofoten archipelago in Norway, the fishing village of Henningsvær offers a glimpse of traditional Norwegian fishing. With a population of…

2nd August 2016

Focus on Ports: Plymouth

Known as Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth, with an annual landing of approximately 11.1 thousand tonnes of fish each year (2014), is the third largest port in the South West of England and…

27th July 2016

Traditional fishing boats: The Lancashire Nobby

A type of inshore sailing boat, the nobby is an adaptation of a traditional fishing boat that became common around Lancashire and the Isle of Man. It originated around Southport and Morecambe…

18th July 2016

Focus on Ports: <b>Scrabster</b>

Situated on the north east coast of Scotland on Thurso Bay near Caithness, Scrabster was the 4th largest port across the UK in 2014 with annual landing figures of 16.2 hundred thousand…

10th July 2016

Focus on Ports: Fraserburgh

Located in Aberdeenshire on the north east coast of Scotland, Fraserburgh is a busy commercial harbour and is the largest shellfish port in Europe landing over 12,000 tonnes in 2008.…

9th July 2016

Tips on How to sell your boat or buy a boat on FAFB

1st July 2016

Wärtsilä & Stork engines A brief history

Stork marine engines have a good reputation in the market and offer a good quality product in medium and high-speed propulsion, often across a specialised commercial market.

9th June 2016

The propeller: A brief guide to its history, design and maintenance

An essential component of most vessels the boat propeller is a humble and elementary piece of technology that has evolved over time to deliver thrust to mechanised boating. From its origins…

26th May 2016

Yamaha Marine Outboards: A brief history

Yamaha, as a corporation, dates back to 1887 when the company (called Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd at the time) began producing musical instruments such as the reed organ and upright piano’s. The…

8th May 2016

Finding fish: Methods to improve your chance of fishing success

It’s often said that 80% of fish are caught by 20% of fishermen but, if this is true, why are some people more successful at fishing than others?

If we look at this common saying the…

26th April 2016

Baudouin Marine Engines: A brief history

Respected worldwide and renowned for their reliable, high quality and competitive range of marine diesel engines, Motors Baudouin has been in business for almost a hundred years and remains a…

15th April 2016

Marine electronics explained: GPS

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite based navigation system comprised of 31 satellites that orbit the Earth.

As well as marine navigation GPS has many uses in both civilian and…

5th April 2016

Ocean currents: How the Gulf Stream affects Europe’s fishing waters

Currents are undoubtedly at the heart of all life in the ocean and their importance in stabilising sea temperature, salinity and circulating nutrients and CO2 cannot be overstated. Changes in…

What Are Pots, Creels & Inkwells in Fishing
3rd April 2016

Fishing methods explained: Pots, inkwells and creels

The fishing industry is a diverse one and the range of methods used is as varied as the fish they are designed to catch with many fishermen only being conversant in the method to which they…

29th March 2016

Learning the ropes: A brief history of cables, ropes and lines

With advances in modern technology many essential pieces of sailing and boating equipment have evolved into unrecognisable replacements; from simple upgrades in shipbuilding materials like…

24th March 2016

Marine corrosion and sacrificial anodes

The bane of a boatman’s life is the inevitable natural occurrence of corrosion to the drive, hull and other exposed metal parts of a vessel (including props, rudder stock and skin…

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